You missed the best offer!

Small Aricraft Sales - Aircraft Acquisition - Sell My Plane - Aircraft Broker - Buy a PlaneThe saying is true, “Most sellers pass up the best offer (of the highest price and best terms).” Time and time again, sellers often hold out for a certain dollar amount. Unfortunately, this means they end up settling for a much lower price AND shelling out thousands on aircraft upkeep costs like maintenance, hangar storage, insurance, and more! Often their estate ends up selling it later for pennies on the dollar.

How about a real-life example? Names have been changed to protect the aircraft owner’s privacy.

Jim put his aircraft on the market in May, asking $270, 000, because he believed it was worth that much. Two weeks after the aircraft was listed, Jim received an offer for $250,000. He chose to reject the offer, thinking he can do better than that. Several months went by and Jim was presented offers in the range of $210,000 to $230,000, while continuing to pay for the aircraft’s maintenance and the hangar storage cost. Finally, in September Jim received another offer – for $225,000. Jim immediately accepted the offer, missing out on the $250,000 he could have had from the buyer in May.

A professional aircraft broker, that is, a company with a dedicated staff working 24/7 in the sale and acquisition of aircraft for clients, will advise you of an expected sale price or range. When looking for an aircraft broker, it’s important to ask, “What is a realistic price point for my aircraft?”. If they’re unwilling to give you a straight answer, then it may be time to seek service elsewhere.
At Norfolk Aviation, Greg, Darren and Kurt will provide in depth knowledge – as much as you’d like to know! So, during the sale or acquisition process and all the way through closing, you won’t be in for any big surprises.

We will sell your aircraft for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time, including the best terms! Give us the opportunity and we will partner with you for a pleasing experience. Contact us today or give us a call at 757-724-6047 to see how we can sell your aircraft for top dollar in the shortest possible time! Don’t let your aircraft sit on the market – Trust Norfolk Aviation to make your aircraft selling experience worry free.

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