What Makes Us Unique

Norfolk Aviation is not your typical part-time or hobbyist aircraft broker.  Here are 6 things that make us unique in the aviation industry.


So now there are some ads running, and an interested buyer calls the phone number in the ad. Does a person familiar with that aircraft answer the phone, or does it just go to voice mail? No and Yes. Or, an email is sent to the Seller-is it returned timely? Usually not. So, that potential buyer may lose interest. Sale opportunity lost!


This is where the Seller or Seller’s representative (Broker) initially obtains the most value for the Aircraft Owner. There are only a handful of Professional Aircraft Brokers that are well seasoned and highly effective in aircraft sale negotiation. They know how to:

  • Adapt their response for the type of buyer personality. By the way-“Take it or leave it” usually does not work! The Broker must incorporate some degree of flexibility.
  • Increase value in the mind of the buyer using various techniques to drive the offer price higher.
  • Follow up. The most successful negotiations regarding offer price and terms can take several days, or weeks in some cases. Technique, timing, and patience are employed efficiently.
  • Determine the best facility to perform the pre-purchase inspection. This would be somewhere that will not be as thorough or picky as a service center or a typical Certified Repair Station, but be agreeable to buyer. When we represent a buyer, we do just the opposite… We work in the best interest of our Client, but also remain fair to the other party.



Any person can place an “aircraft for sale” ad online or in a publication. A pilot or AP could do a much better job due to their familiarity with aircraft. An experienced aircraft broker would do far better knowing the aircraft highlights to emphasize and insert the most appealing photographs-based on what the prospective buyers would likely desire. The experienced Aircraft Broker would also prepare a more impressive ad. A detailed spec sheet is often included.


Serious buyers will request a test flight immediately before or after the pre-purchase inspection, and mentioned in the purchase agreement. Anyone wanting a test flight right away is not a buyer. This is a proven fact. Contact a Norfolk Aviation Expert to learn more about test flights.


Some Aircraft Brokers or Dealers refer to themselves as “SPECIALISTS”. Yes, they likely know a particular make and model of aircraft better than the average broker, but is that an advantage for the seller of that type of aircraft? NO. To perform at the highest level, in the best interest of the aircraft seller, is to:

  • Sell this aircraft for the highest price possible including the best terms, and in the shortest time frame possible.
  • Be proactive and thorough throughout the entire process, requiring less time spent by the Seller-your Client.
  • Handle each transaction carefully and be mindful to minimize the liability exposure to your Client.
  • Know all phases of the aircraft sale process and implement them in your Client’s best interest.

Whether you are a “specialist’ or not, performing to these standards results in the best deal for the Seller.


Most Aircraft Owners and Aircraft Brokers use a standard “template” and fill in the blanks to serve as the purchase agreement. This technique will work, but will have a lot of holes in it or a whole lot of extra useless “fluff”. We at Norfolk Aviation custom build the Purchase Agreement for each Client’s situation and expectations. Years of experience in writing hundreds of purchase agreements highly benefits our Clients-no matter which side of the table they are sitting.  The document could also be viewed as a story line detailing all of the sale events in order. Embedded are listed Solutions to cover all of the potential “what if” situations. Whether the sale goes through or not, the purchase agreement should indicate any remedies to be considered at that point. Don’t risk liability and thousands or millions of dollars. Hire Norfolk Aviation to get it right the first time.

Norfolk Aviation provides the most comprehensive aircraft sales services. We can help you find your perfect plane at the best price possible or sell your plane for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Our inventory of used aircraft together with the large number of “off market” aircraft for sale offer a wide variety of choices for even the most demanding buyers. Our full-time sales team will be with you every step of the way and ahead of the curve. Contact us today to see how we can help get you up in the air!

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