The #1 Thing Buyers Look For in a Broker

Do you know what the #1 thing smart buyers look for when they’re shopping around for a used aircraft?

Aircraft Brokers - Buy an Airplane - Sell my Used Aircraft - Norfolk Aviation Aircraft BrokerIt isn’t the upgrades and fancy avionics.

It isn’t over enthusiastic sales teams.

Surprisingly, it’s not even the lowest possible price!
The #1 thing that buyers are looking for when they are in the market for a used aircraft is honest and consistent communication. Aircraft buyers want straightforward answers and they want them quickly. Just like you wouldn’t purchase something from a company who won’t answer your questions about a product. If the buyer senses that the seller is glossing over important items, only provides positive information about the aircraft, uses only images that have been photoshopped or is just generally cagey about the details, they will move on… and they’ll do it fast!

Consistent communication is an extremely important trait for your aircraft broker to exhibit – but it doesn’t come from just one or two aircraft sales. This kind of communication comes from experience. It comes from dozens, even hundreds of successful aircraft purchases and sales. It takes time, dedication and effort.

At Norfolk Aviation, we’re always hearing stories from our clients about planes they had scheduled viewings of, only to find out that the plane had been seriously misrepresented. Either the current owner didn’t disclose pertinent information or they glossed over the info hoping that their buyer wouldn’t notice. Unfortunately, we also hear those same stories from buyers who have gone through aircraft brokers! That’s why Norfolk Aviation is your trusted name in Aviation! Our dedicated sales team goes the extra mile when it comes to client communication. We take care of everything from start to finish – from placing ads, to marketing your listing, to answering phone calls and interacting on social media!

At Norfolk Aviation, we talk with buyers to make sure that we’re giving them the kind of service they deserve and the kind of service they’re looking for. We help them figure out which type of plane is the best fit for them. And we make sure that all of our leads are qualified, we negotiate for you, prepare the sales paperwork, help with pre-purchase inspections, and make sure that all of our T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. We do all of this so you don’t have to!

Whether you’re looking to hire a broker to get your aircraft sold, or you’re in the market to add a used plane to your fleet – Norfok Aviation is here to help. Our full time, dedicated sales team knows what it takes to sell your aircraft for top dollar in the shortest possible time. And if you’re a buyer – we’ll help you find your perfect aircraft! Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation!

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