Textron Aviation’s Latest Turboprop Just Received FAA Certification

Textron Aviation’s latest turboprop has just received FAA certification. The Beechcraft King Air 260 was announced late last year. The Beechcraft 260’s certification came just in time because the company has slowly begun the discontinuation of the smaller King Air C90’s after a decline in sales.

The new Beechcraft King Air 260 is loaded with upgrades. It features the Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) ThrustSense auto-throttle, a new digital pressurization controller, and an updated Collins Multi-Scan RTA-4112 weather radar.King Air 260 - Norfolk Aviation - NA 757 - Aviation Sales - Local Aircraft for Sale

Senior Vice President of Engineering and Programs Chris Hearne stated that “The continual conversations we have with our customers play an integral role in the decisions we make about the design of new aircraft, as well as enhancements to our existing fleet.”

Textron Aviation is eager to begin selling the new aircraft to eager customers.

Following the release and certification of the Beechcraft 260, the C90 GTx and the Cessna Citation Sovereign+ will no longer be produced.

The C90 has the closest roots to the original turboprop twin of the early 1960s. Although some customers are disappointed in the discontinuation, Textron Aviation is eager for people to experience the newer aircraft’s historical features.

The new King Air 260 “combines the platform’s rich history of rugged reliability and versatility with state-of-the-art upgrades and next-generation capability, offering a greater ease of flying,” Hearne said.

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