Small Indiana FBO Acquires Cessnas For Training and Rental


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Hoosier Aviation has added two new single-engine piston aircraft this week that are now available for flight training and rental at Terre Haute Regional Airport. This combines with their Advanced Commercial Flight Training school offered for Indiana State University students at the airport.

“Anyone from the public can train with Hoosier Aviation, so you don’t need to be an ISU student,” said Katelyn Griffin, chief pilot at Hoosier Aviation.

The aircraft are 2015 Cirrus SR-20s with room for 4 passengers and 4-hour travel time. With individual overhead lighting, tinted windows, and cushioned seats, the comfort level is closer to a luxury car. The expansive windows also make any seat in the cabin an amazing view.

As for the technical specs, the two aircraft contain Garmin’s Cirrus Perspective with 10-inch screens and full autopilot. The whole airframe is a parachute system that combines with an envelope protection system so it’s fully within safety regulations.

Hoosier Aviation is the only Fixed Based Operator in west central Indiana that offers training and rentals for Cirrus Aircraft. The latest additions bring the fleet to a total of 6 aircraft, others include a Piper Warrior, Cessna 150, Bellanca Citabria, and Cessna 152. As a full service Fixed Based Operator, Hoosier Aviation specializes in flight training for private and commercial pilots, instrument rating, cirrus transition, tailwheel, differences, recurrent, and ground school. Aircraft in their fleet is also available for rental to the public.

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