Saving Berni Stranders the Turtle with a Piper Malibu

A poor olive ridley sea turtle named Berni Stranders found himself a bit lost in Port Alberni, near Vancouver, Canada.

Sea turtles who aren’t used to living in such cold waters are susceptible to becoming “cold-stunned”, which is where they become lethargic to the point of being unable to swim or forage.

Luckily for Berni, there is a charitable organization called Turtles Fly Too that arranges for cold-stunned turtles to be transported to aquariums in warmer climates where they can be rehabilitated and released. Turtles Fly Too arranges extra space in flights for these turtles to be transported.

Berni Spent over 10 months at the Ocean Wise Conservation Association/Vancouver Aquarium after his trip.

Check out the video below to hear more about Berni’s story!

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