Retrofit Avionics Over the Years

The market has shifted drastically for aircraft displays over the past couple of years. Not too long ago, aircraft owners had to decide whether to purchase fairly antiquated technology for an inordinate amount of money. So much so that despite the benefits these technologies would grant, some aircraft owners just went by without them. However, all of that changed around 2018 when prices for these have managed to reach a low-budget market.

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The cut prices were influential enough that owners were managing to get aging piston airplanes like a Cessna Skylane or Piper Archer with glass displays and functions that could rival jets releasing today! The market for retrofit avionics has basically exploded since then, and the trend continues into 2020. Its basically applicable to comparing the early adopters of any old technologies, with the accessibility and widespread approval of newer ones. Soon, it will be strange to see aircrafts that won’t have state-of-the-art, solid-state glass EFIS.

It also became easier thanks to the simpler FAA approval methods; manufacturers won’t have to go through lengthy standard procedures such as DO-178 in order to create new products. They can save time and millions of dollars by simply referring to a TSO certification instead. Which is good since adoption of retrofitting and completely reworking the panel has been popular with aircraft owners. There have even been displays adopting touch screen technologies, as well as more powerful computer processors to allow quick map and chart real-time rendering with all the extra panning and zooming touch screen capabilities.

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There are many more functions for the art of retrofit avionics, such as old brands making a revival such as BendixKing, the many many experimental market products, or even Turboprop retrofits for King Air upgrades. Regardless, that just goes to show the depth of the technologies in store for the future! Such as a future with Norfolk Aviation, as we’re committed to keeping you updated on the latest in aviation news. We’re also your trusted partner in aircraft brokerage and maintenance. Contact us today and let’s talk about how you can soar to new heights for years to come!

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