Re-engined Retrofit Air Tractor 301 Plane Takes Maiden Flight

RED Aircraft GmbH has never failed to disappoint us. Whether it’s about developing new, game-changing aviation piston engines or modifying old ones, it sure knows what needs to be done. The German-based aviation piston engine manufacturers recently made an announcement that it has successfully flown the re-engined Air Tractor 301 for the very first time.

The maiden flight took place at 16:04 in Unadilla, Georgia, USA. The retrofitted Air Tractor 301 plane was piloted by Stephen Bereza. Our sources tell that RED Aircraft had collaborated with A&C Ag Aviation in order to design the RED A03 piston engine – the one that is used in reedify Air Tractor 301.

The first flight of the retrofitted Air Tractor 301 plane has successfully given the idea of how the RED A03 is the optimum solution to upgrade and reshape older aircraft with modern-day technology. It has shown multiple benefits provided by this green and highly efficient piston engine.

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“The prospect of an agricultural aircraft fitted with new technology has been a constant source of excitement in the ag aviation community. Our Facebook page – demonstrating the continuous development of the AT-301 RED – has attracted the attention of a thousand operators, enthusiasts, and pilots around the world.” reads a statement made by RED Aircraft GmBH. “The design of the engine has been matched by innovative engineering to make the project a reality.”

Talking about the design, the cowling section of the remodeled Air Tractor 301 is designed to accommodate the new RED A03 engine and provide a more aerodynamic shape. It is also produced using lightweight carbon fiber and custom-built to include cooling, sufficient air intake, and service access points.

The RED A03 engine used in the Air Tractor 301 plane is developed using a ‘clean sheet’ concept. With the aim to offer a significantly increased power output and minimum fuel burn and maintenance costs, the engine can provide 550HP, making itself a perfect choice for aircraft requiring high power output.

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The RED A03 engine used in retrofitted Air Tractor 301 has been approved by the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Russian Federal Agency for Air Transport (FATA), and New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

We believe that the new Air Tractor 301 portrays a remarkable milestone for RED Aircraft GmbH, A&C Ag Aviation, and for the agricultural aviation sector on the whole. The retrofitted Air Tractor 301 plane will be available for a close-up view at the National Agricultural Aviation Association Expo from December 6, 2021, to December 9, 2021.

We recommend visiting RED Aircraft GmbH’s official website to know more about retrofitted Air Tractor 301.

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