Shockingly, Private Aviation Thrived During the Entirety of 2020

 At the peak of the pandemic in spring 2020, the private aviation industry went from basically no flight bookings, to thriving by the end of the year. Larger airline industries faced a large decline in business, while private aviation has become one of 2020’s greatest success stories.Norfolk Aviation - Private Aircraft Sales - 2021 Aircraft Sales - Local Aircraft for Sale

The start of 2020 quickly sent the travel industry downhill when the coronavirus pandemic took over. Airline industries were instructed to halt commercial flights and restrict travel. This resulted in a large rush of wealthy travelers chartering emergency evacuation flights and increasing popularity for private flights.

The demand for private airlines expanded so much so rapidly that aircraft manufacturers began producing private aircraft more rapidly in preparation for when the world would once be open again for travel. Other airline companies such as XO and Airbus, focused on refurbishing older commercial planes into private jets. JetLinx and Vista Jet purchased multi-million-dollar private jets for private use by the wealthy.

Despite 2020 being the most detrimental year for travel, the private airline industry succeeded in not only maintaining previous business but expanding the industry as a whole. Private aviation firms have been focusing more on the health and safety of passengers by taking new precautionary measures. Airlines want to ensure travelers that flying is safe. One particular airline, Silver Air, created a “COVID cleared” program where every step of the flight, from door to door inside the aircraft would be verified clean before passengers board. Other airlines such as Flexjet are flying their crews on private aircraft to prevent them from flying public airlines.

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