Pre-Owned Cessna Skyhawks Is A Hot Topic On The Market

Pre-Owned Aircraft Is Getting More Expensive With High Interest On Cessna SkyhawksYou don’t usually see prices for pre-owned airplanes jump up 20% to 30% with no reason. The latest Skyhawks price increase can tell us a lot of new things about the industry in 2018.

The market went completely crazy this summer. Old Cessna Skyhawks surprisingly became a thing that everybody on the market wants to have. As expected, prices went up $10,000 to $50,000 for models made in 1960s and 1970s.

Experts vary in their thoughts about the reasons for a price jump that huge, but everybody agrees on one thing – market is changing very fast.

New programs that help bring old pilots back in business may be one of the main reasons for a demand that high. Experts say that new Return-To-Flying programs contribute a lot to the recent price growth of pre-owned Cessna Skyhawks. More than 35,000 students went through such programs as AOPA’s Rusty Pilots. Seeing these numbers, one will think – where do we get this many planes for our students? Old Cessna Skyhawks that always were a pretty good deal is one of the answers.

Lagging production of new airplanes is another main reason for increased demand on older airplanes. Recent hurricanes in Florida destroyed many airplanes, and big schools for pilots are struggling to keep pace with the demand for flight training spurred by dramatically increasing airline salaries.

High Demand On Cessna Skyhawks Results Higher Prices In The Industry

The interest in aircraft has reached new level since the 2008 crisis. People are spending more on aviation right now and the economy is still growing. Everybody expects even higher demand on the planes in the near future, old and new.

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