Piper Introduces The Perfect Plane For Pilot Schools

Aircraft for Students - Learn to Fly Aircraft - Piper Aircraft For Sale - Pre-Owned AircraftPiper Aircraft just introduced two new models of their training aircraft – the Piper Pilot 100 and the Piper Pilot 100i. They were unveiled at this year’s SUN ‘n FUN expo that took place in the beginning of April.

The Piper Pilot 100 is equipped with VFR and starts at $259,000, while the Pilot 100i is going to be a bit pricier, starting at $285,000. Piper’s president and CEO Simon Caldecott says that the idea to update the current generation of trainers came more than 3 years ago.

“We realized we weren’t supporting the aircraft equipment needs of all flight schools,” he said. “We needed a more affordable trainer that can support flight schools of all sizes.”

As he mentioned in his interview, the company’s engineers and officials from Continental and Garmin worked diligently to design a configuration that would be affordable and that would have all of the features needed for flying schools.

“With the unprecedented demand for professional pilots, our team worked closely with several key suppliers to deliver an aggressively priced, proven trainer that offers the advanced systems and performance that flight schools and airline programs of all sizes desire,” says the CEO. “We are excited to add the Pilot 100 series to our training product line at a price point that provides optimal economics for all operators.”

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Both new models have two seats and are powered by the Continental Prime IO-370-D3A with 180 horsepower. The engine offers 128 ktas max cruise speed and 522 nm range with 45-minute reverse. As we already mentioned, the Piper Pilot 100 has Garmin G3X Touch Certified avionics, while the Pilot 100i is equipped with an IFR capable upgrade package that includes the GFC500 autopilot, and the new GNX 375 as well.

The new Pilots will arrive on the market in limited quantities in the beginning of 2020.

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