Piston Aircraft For Sale: 3 Planes You Need To Know About

So you have made a decision of buying a piston aircraft and are searching for the best planes for sale? Piston aircraft are significantly more outstanding at their general power outputs and are modest both to acquire and handle. Since we have recently added more piston airplanes for sale on our site, we thought why not point out the best ones for you.

In this blog, Norfolk Aviation — one of the best aircraft dealers in the United States — will talk about the best piston aircraft that are worth buying in 2021. If buying an astonishing piston plane has been on your mind then here are some of the best piston aircraft for sale:

1950 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft for Sale

1950 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza

Do you see those beautiful white clouds way up there? 1950 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza is one of the best piston aircraft that can get you within their reach and make you fly with them. A single-piston-powered engine plane with a sheathable landing gear, it can seat up to 3 passengers plus 1 pilot.

With a fuel tank capacity of 40 gallons, the 1950 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza has 2 aluminum blades and a power of 1×196 HP. Despite its introduction in 1950, this single-engine aircraft is being created by the manufacturer until today and has been in ceaseless manufacturing longer than any other plane in history.

Right now, a used 1950 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza piston aircraft is available at $55,000 for sale on our website.

1966 Piper Cherokee 180 for Sale - Norfolk Aviation - Local Piper Aircraft Broker1966 Piper Cherokee 180 

To most people, sky’s the limit. But piston aircraft like the 1966 Piper Cherokee 180 have the proficiency to make it your home. It is one of the latest listings on our website which has a brand spanking new custom panel. With a fuel capacity of 50 gals and a range of 600 NM, the 1966 Piper Cherokee 180 has a Stec 50 autopilot with altitude hold that guarantees safety, solidity, and performance.

The 1966 Piper Cherokee 180 also features Garmin GNS 430W nav comm that makes it easy to read and interpret pilot-critical information. It has a power of 180HP and is capable of flying coupled LPV approaches. Integration of storm scope, directional gyro, and audio panel makes it an astounding piston aircraft for sale.

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1951 North American T28A for Sale - Local Vintage Aircraft Broker - Norfolk Aviation 1951 North American T28A

Our list of best piston aircraft for sale would be considered incomplete without talking about the 1951 North American T28A plane. It is a meticulously restored Korean and Vietnam-era War Bird that has a really powerful Cleveland wheel and brake kit. It possesses higher performance than its predecessor and is easier to maintain.

The 1951 North American T28A plane has a max speed of 283 mph and a max cruise speed of 190mph so that you can talk with clouds. Stripped and done over again by Foster’s Aircraft paint with jet-glow, this piston aircraft for sale has 1 pilot and 1 passenger seat. The 1951 North American T28A plane has a price of $239,000.

There you go!

We told you about the best piston aircraft for sale in 2021. Remember, buying a piston pilot aircraft is an important investment, so make sure to do proper research before signing on the dotted line.

Got any queries to ask regarding our piston planes? Send them to Norfolk Aviation by Clicking Here. Our experienced and dedicated team will be more than happy to answer them for you!

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