Norfolk Aviation Helps Carlos Find the Perfect Aircraft!

Cessna Sales - Used Aircraft Sales - Buy a Plane for Flight School - Aircraft Ownership Costs - Aircraft Sales - Sell my AircraftAt Norfolk Aviation, we love helping our clients find the best deal on the highest quality Aircraft. That’s why, when Carlos set out to find an aircraft for his flight school in Argentina, he knew that Norfolk Aviation could find him the perfect small plane for his needs. Because he was purchasing the aircraft for student pilots to fly, it’s important to select a plane that can easily be flown by pilots of all skill levels.

When Carlos approached us trying to find the perfect aircraft for his flight school students to fly, we knew exactly what to show him. We showed him an affordable and well-kept used Cessna that he instantly fell in love with. He made the trip all the way from Argentina to pick up the aircraft, but knew that he needed a trusted aircraft maintenance provider to ready the plane for the long trip back.

Carlos knew that Norfolk Aviation also offers the most comprehensive aircraft maintenance services. We have Aircraft and Powerplant technicians on staff who are dedicated to providing you with professional and quality aircraft maintenance services including corrosion treatment and repairs, transponder re-certification, annual and 100 hour inspections and any other maintenance service your aircraft would need in order to remain sky worthy!

If you’re looking for a used aircraft for your flight school students, or you’re looking to purchase a personal aircraft for your own flying needs, Norfolk Aviation has the largest inventory of well-kept used aircraft. Not to mention, our talented, full time aircraft sales team will help you with your purchase every step of the way.

Norfolk Aviation also provides the most comprehensive aircraft sales services. If you’re looking to sell your personal plane we’ll take care of it all from appraisals to marketing, to closing Norfolk Aviation is your one-stop-shop for used aircraft purchases and sales! Contact Us today to find out what how we can find you the perfect aircraft, or sell your current aircraft for top dollar in the shortest amount of time!

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