Norfolk Aviation Gives Piper Seneca a Shiny New Paint Job

It’s no secret that Norfolk Aviation provides the best and most professional service when it comes to buying or selling used aircraft. But did you know that we also specialize in custom paint jobs? Our design & paint team is ready and waiting to give your aircraft a brand new look – or restore it’s paint job back to factory configuration. No matter what your paint preferences are, we’ll work with you from start to finish, increasing the value of your aircraft and making you proud to fly your plane! We did just that for the owner of this Piper Seneca, keep reading to see the incredible work done by our painting team.

When this Piper Seneca came to us, it was in rough shape. It flew like a brand new plane, but had the looks of an aircraft that is way past its years. The pain was chipping all over, removing any defense against possible future erosion or rusting, and on top of that, the design simply looked dated. Take a look below:

We chemically stripped the Seneca down to the bare metal, and began blocking out the custom design. We worked with the owner of this aircraft to develop a design with less color variation for a modern, crisp look and more curved lines to accentuate the shape of this beautiful aircraft. Once the plane was ready for paint – our certified team of aircraft painting technicians went to work.

The finished product looks like a complete different aircraft. The lines are clean and graphic, the paint job is shiny and eye-catching and the planes is now protected from erosion and rusting thanks to the highest quality materials. The owner of this Piper is proud to call this aircraft his!

Having your aircraft professionally painted can make your 10 year old plane look like it was purchased yesterday. And, if you’re looking to sell your aircraft – a brand new paint job can increase the value of your asset significantly. Our shop personnel are properly trained and led by experienced aircraft painters. Our facility has separate staging areas for pre-work evaluation, paint stripping, surface preparation, paint application, and completion. A checklist with more than 31 points must be checked off individually through the process by qualified technicians-ensuring all events are completed correctly and no steps are missed. Call us today at  757-724-6047 to schedule a consultation!

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