New Environment-friendly Fuels Approved For Cessna Piston Aircraft

As the supply of aviation fuel and other energy sources fails to sufficiently meet demands, many aerospace companies are facing an energy exigency. However, some aircraft manufacturers like Textron Aviation Inc. are working hard to find the best environment-friendly solutions for their piston aircraft.

The Wichita-based aircraft manufacturing corporation has recently announced that many of its piston-engine planes are now approved utilizing more environment-friendly aviation gasoline called Avgas. For those who don’t know, it is a specialized fuel used to power small airplanes like piston engine aircraft.

Unlike aviation gasoline – a compound mixture of hydrocarbons that vary extensively in their physical and chemical properties, the avgas properties are properly balanced to give reliable and safe engine performance over all-inclusive piston aircraft operating conditions. It eliminates the use of TEL in aviation gasoline.

Environment Friendly Cessna Fuels - Norfolk Aviation - Cessna Aircraft for SaleAccording to our sources, Cessna 172 Skyhawk and 182 Skylane piston aircraft owners and operators can make use of 91-octane unleaded (91UL), ultra 94 unleaded (94UL) and 100 very low lead (100VLL) wherever available. The Cessna 206 Turbo Stationair HD aircraft, on the other hand, is approved for 100VLL only.

To us, it sounds good as unleaded and lower-leaded are more eco-friendly. How? They burn cleaner than higher-leaded fuels that are used at this moment in time.

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Before confirmation, the aircraft manufacturing company ran a sequence of tests for Cessna piston aircraft. “Textron Aviation is committed to sustainability, and this announcement is an excellent opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to minimize their carbon footprint while continuing to enjoy the journey of flight,” said Chris Crow – vice president of Piston & Utility Sales.

“We have produced more than 75,000 of these three piston aircraft models, and this gives owners and operators around the world a chance to take action in reducing emissions,” he further adds. What’s amazing, the environment-friendly fuel will not only be compatible with the existing Cessna aircraft but also upcoming ones.

Owners and operators of the aforementioned Cessna piston aircraft can start utilizing the alternative fuels once they get along the lines of Service Bulletin SEB-28-04 or MEB-28-01.

Cessna Aircraft Broker - Local Cessna Aircraft for Sale - Norfolk Aviation Aircraft BrokerOur sources also tell that other than making Cessna piston airplanes compatible with more eco-friendly fuels, Textron Aviation is actively encouraging the use of aviation fuel with less environmental impact across the globe. It has collaborated with several organizations to ensure sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) among business operators.

“We are working to raise awareness of the benefits. In addition, we are cheaper worldwide among the three organizations, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, the National Business Aviation Association, and the European Business Aviation Association. We support efforts to steadily improve access to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).”

We suggest you visit Textron Aviation’s official website to find more information on Cessna piston aircraft.

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