Private Jet Painting - Painted Private Jet - Jet Sales - Miami Jet Sales Norfolk Aviation is known for providing the best and most professional service when it comes to buying or selling your aircraft. And by now, you probably also know that in addition to our first-rate sales team, we also employ industry professionals in design & aircraft painting. We’re ready & waiting to give your aircraft a face-lift or restore its paint job back to factory configuration. In fact, we just designed and painted the new facade of this Air Tractor. Keep reading to see the incredible work our team was able t accomplish!

When the owner of this Air Tractor approached

Private Plane Emergency Landing - Calgary Plane Landing - Private Jet Sales - Miami Private Jet SalesA small aircraft carrying two crew members and four passengers made an emergency landing in the city of Clagary, a bustling cosmopolitan area located in Alberta, Canada.

Jamal Hammoud woke up just before 6am on Wednesday morning to have a glass of water, when he saw the flashing lights of fire trucks outside his kitchen window.At first, Hammound assumed that there was trouble with the light-rail train, which runs along the busy boulevard right by his home in northeast Calgary. But when he poked his head outside to see what was going on, he was suprised to see a small aircraft

Buying a Private Plan Checklist - Private Jet Sales - Used Jet Sales - Miami Used Jet Sales Buying a plane is a huge decision. To some it might even be daunting once they realize the amount of viewing and test flying and paperwork involved. You have a lot to consider from operating costs, maintenance requirements, storage and insurance. And especially if you’re a first-time buyer it is important that you take the time to investigate the process, learn about the market and ask A LOT of questions. But in efforts to make that decision a little less stressful, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 most important questions to ask yourself before you purchase a plane (new OR

When Trey Brewer and Shiloh Dudley took off from St. Augustine, Florida, Friday morning March 23, 2018, they knew they were in for the adventure of a lifetime.

The buddies knew instantly that they wanted to share their experience with the world.

In order to reach the general public, the pair of friends created Aviation Overland Adventures, a YouTube channel where they plan to document their three-week trek of about 4,000 miles all the way from Florida to Alaska in Dudley’s 1998 American Champion Scout.

Their goal is to inspire others to take life-changing trips like this one, and to encourage those who have always dreamed of learning to fly to finally make that trip to the airport.

“The United States has one of the finest airspace systems and infrastructures in the world, and people should take advantage of it,” stated Dudley, a professional pilot and CFI at Florida Aviation Career Training who has logged

You’ve heard of, a website where users can post online classifieds for unwanted items, help wanted, and even to search for dates. These posts are visible to thousands of people post their items for sale, help wanted, or even go to search for a date. Sometimes craigslist can help you find an affordable apartment to rent, or an awesome antique table. But, there are also hundreds of stories of people who have been the victim of scams and false advertising.

You might be surprised to learn that there are hundreds of used planes listed on craigslist! And you’re probably thinking: “Would someone really look for such a valuable asset on a website whose history is so controversial?” We took a look into the world of buying an aircraft on Craigslist and decided to share the results with our visitors, so that they can stay informed. . If possible, purchasers should seek out a purchase agreement

It’s no secret that Norfolk Aviation provides the best and most professional service when it comes to buying or selling used aircraft. But did you know that we also specialize in custom paint jobs? Our design & paint team is ready and waiting to give your aircraft a brand new look – or restore it’s paint job back to factory configuration. No matter what your paint preferences are, we’ll work with you from start to finish, increasing the value of your aircraft and making you proud to fly your plane! We did just that for the owner of this Piper Seneca, keep reading to see the incredible work done by our painting team.

When this Piper Seneca came to us, it was in rough shape. It flew like a brand new plane, but had the looks of an aircraft that is way past its years. The pain was chipping all over, removing any defense against

Selling your aircraft can be difficult on your own. You have to deal with scheduling conflicts, jump through tons of inspection hoops, and sometimes watch sales fall through due to buyers who just aren’t serious about the sale. But with Norfolk Aviation by your side, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.Read one of our most recent success stories below and contact us to find out how we can help you buy or sell used aircraft.

Norfolk Aviation - Buy an Aircraft - Sell my plane - Used Aircraft Sales - Used Plan Sales - Aircraft AppraisalsWe listed the aircraft on behalf of the seller Ross Z.

Norfolk Aviation - Buy an Aircraft - Sell my plane - Used Aircraft Sales - Used Plan Sales - Aircraft AppraisalsAt a recent flight school conference, speakers claimed that flight schools need to adapt quickly to the culture of younger generations. At Norfolk Aviation, we couldn’t agree more. After all, the children are out future. At the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) Operator’s Conference, speakers mentioned two main issues facing flight schools today: The aviation industry needs a huge amount of new pilots, yet the amount of people finishing flight school is very small in comparison. “Over the next two decades, 87 new pilots will need to be trained and ready to fly a commercial airliner every day in order to meet

So, you’re considering purchasing an aircraft of your own! Many buyers find that once they make the decision to purchase a plane, they’re completely lost when it comes to choosing the perfect one for their needs. There are many factors involved in finding your ideal aircraft: Single-engine or multi-engine? Retractable or fixed gear? High-wing or low-wing? New avionics or traditional?
Aircraft ownership comes with a lot of decisions, but if you stay focused on your specific needs, choosing the right one will be easier, less stressful and even enjoyable!

Norfolk Aviation - Buy an Aircraft - Sell my plane - Used Aircraft Sales - Used Plan Sales - Aircraft Appraisals


Norfolk Aviation - Buy an Aircraft - Sell my plane - Used Aircraft Sales - Used Plan Sales - Aircraft AppraisalsPeople who love flying really love flying. When someone wants to be apart of the world of aviation… there is no taking it easy.  Pilots are those people — thanks largely to the allure of the tight-knit community that comes with the freedom to travel when and where you want. The easiest flight certification to get is a private pilot’s license, which means flying a small, personal aircraft, along with the ability to bring passengers without charging them for flight services. But getting paid isn’t why these pilots fly anyway. These pilots fly because

Norfolk Aviation - Buy an Aircraft - Sell my plane - Used Aircraft Sales - Used Plan Sales - Aircraft AppraisalsThere are two main aircraft maintenance inspections required for Part 91 aircraft: there’s your annual and 100 hour inspections. Whether you do both or only one depends on if you carry any passengers for hire.

Both inspections cover the same items. The differences are only in the frequency of the inspection and who they are performed by.

Additionally, there are several inspections for equipment that are required outside of the annual and 100 hour inspections.

There is an alternative to these inspections and it requires written approval by the FAA: they’re called progressive inspections.

Annual Inspection:

Norfolk Aviation - Buy an Aircraft - Sell my plane - Used Aircraft Sales - Used Plan Sales - Aircraft AppraisalsYou’ve definitely mulled over the idea of owning a small aircraft; pretty much every pilot has. If you need more reasons to tip you over the edge, or at least to feel less guilty about it, this article is for you.

Warning! After reading this, you might feel compelled to start shopping for an airplane. And at Norfolk Aviation, we can help! Scroll through our incredibly inventory and contact us.


  1. Quick flights, every time.

The world opens up when you own an aircraft, because you can get

Norfolk Aviation - Buy an Aircraft - Sell my plane - Used Aircraft Sales - Used Plan Sales - Aircraft AppraisalsRecently, Cessna unveiled a brand-new design for a small freighter and passenger aircraft, aptly names the SkyCourier.

FedEx Express has agreed to buy 50 of the flying delivery trucks, adding to its fleet, around one per month for four years, and holds the option for 50 more. FedEx delivery is rapidly modernizing its fleet of small planes to keep up with competitors like Amazon (AMZN), who are trying to fly and deliver more orders themselves.

FedEx (FDX), whose planes travel the glob carrying your packages, already operates one of the largest aircraft fleets on the planet.

But, its enormous freight aircraft can’t pickup and

Recently, Cirrus officially introduced their new generation of SR-series piston singles — known as G6 — that add a long list of new capabilities and features to this year’s model aircraft, including the new Perspective+ avionics system, based on Garmin’s recently -launched G1000 NXi platform.

According to Flying Magazine,  who experienced the 2017 SR22T on a number of long cross-country trips, the Perspective+ avionics stand out as some of the most important upgrades in the history of the SR series introduced in the late 1990s. Pilots are sure to appreciate these features, including animated Nexrad weather graphics, a qwerty-style keyboard, a handy HSI map overlay on the primary flight display, the ability to choose IFR visual approaches from the procedures menu that mimic the guidance cues of precision approaches, improved connectivity for flight plan and database uploads, and a crisper, cleaner overall look.

The new Garmin avionics system is also much faster due to a

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