When it comes time to sell an airplane, many owners are faced with the question of whether to use a broker or handle the sale themselves. Although there is a potential cost associated with working through a broker, the process of engaging a broker can be incredibly beneficial and provide far greater returns than attempting to sell the plane on one’s own.

Engaging a broker to handle the sale is the surest way to maximize the aircraft’s resale value. Aircraft brokers are professionally trained and knowledgeable experts that are well-versed in the aviation market and understand the various makes and models of planes on the market. They are intimately aware of how to best price the aircraft based on its condition, the current demand for its model, and its market value. Brokers can advise owners on how to prepare the aircraft for sale, how to

On September 1st the FAA approved several Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for a 100-octane unleaded fuel (G100UL) to be used in all spark-ignition engines and their associated airframes. Well known manufacturer General Aviation Modifications Inc (GAMI) is the architect behind this huge win for general aviation and the environment. The fuel was originally approved for use in smaller aircraft such as the Cessna 172 and aircraft with lower compression engines which meant that only 30-40% of avgas consumption could potentially be G100UL. Now, 100% of piston aircraft are able to purchase the STC and begin using the fuel which will reduce emissions and is much safer for pilots and ground crew to be around than traditional avgas.

The Development

G100UL was a venture 13 years in the making. Testing and development started in 2009 following the announcement EPA

Everyone knows that flying commercially comes with its share of frustrations. However, the Air Travel Consumer Report (ATCR) released on Friday by the U.S Department of Transportation found a 34.9% increase in air travel service complaints from May 2022 to June 2022. Even more shocking is that the number of total complaints against airlines is now up nearly 270% from pre-pandemic levels.

Labor Shortage

The overwhelming majority of customer complaints and frustrations can be attributed to the labor shortage stemming from layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic. This staffing challenge is not unique to aviation, but it creates a ripple effect throughout the national airspace system unlike other industries.  The shortage of pilots, gate agents, ground handlers, and air traffic controllers has increased delays and

The world’s largest airline, American Airlines, has partnered with new aircraft manufacturer Boom Supersonic and placed an order for the largest number of supersonic passenger jets by any airline world-wide. The deposit for 20 Overture model aircraft, and an option for an additional 40, rockets American into the spotlight amongst U.S. carriers, such as United Airlines, looking to break into supersonic passenger air travel. This partnership marks the beginning of a new age in the airline industry.

Air Travel Re-Imagined

The Overture is designed to carry between 65 and 80 passengers at speeds up to Mach 1.7. Like the famous Concorde, these speeds will only be achieved over water due to federal regulations so domestic routes will not be practical nor economical. With a range of 4,250 nautical miles, the Overture has been designed with over 600 specific routes in mind including Miami to London

Norfolk Aviation - Airplanes for Sale - Plans for Sale Near MeArtificial Intelligence is being utilized to improve the “Internet of Battlefield Things.” It is a network of sensors, intelligence gathering, and improvement of supply logistics, wearable technology, and auxiliary robots. The AI-powered

fighter planes get off better shots, better at taking more significant risks, and execute tighter turns than human pilots.

However, incorporating AI into future fighter pilots is not aimed at removing the pilots entirely but is to transform the pilot’s role. Both the AI and the pilot will partner in flying the aircraft to make the flight super successful and advanced like never before.

The Initiative Of Introducing AI-Powered Fighter Planes

The Air Combat Evolution (ACE) – a department of

As Global climate temperature is increasing; Sea levels are rising, so, we may face climatic catastrophe soon. The awareness of climate protection and shift towards green energy is gradually increasing. Organizations and businesses use greener and cleaner ways to utilize resources with minimum waste. The same is true for the Aviation industry.

Many Airline companies are considering building sustainable aircraft to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet. Although some critics still argue that if this is even possible, Will electric plan ever be a reality and if so, will they compete with traditional Plans? This article will look at prospects about eco-friendly air travel and examine where we are standing in fulfilling this dream.


How did the term electric plane get traction?

Electric Aircraft - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft for Sale - Sell</p>
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RED Aircraft GmbH has never failed to disappoint us. Whether it’s about developing new, game-changing aviation piston engines or modifying old ones, it sure knows what needs to be done. The German-based aviation piston engine manufacturers recently made an announcement that it has successfully flown the re-engined Air Tractor 301 for the very first time.

The maiden flight took place at 16:04 in Unadilla, Georgia, USA. The retrofitted Air Tractor 301 plane was piloted by Stephen Bereza. Our sources tell that RED Aircraft had collaborated with A&C Ag Aviation in order to design the RED A03 piston engine – the one that is used in reedify Air Tractor 301.

The first flight of the retrofitted Air Tractor 301 plane has successfully given the idea of how the RED A03 is the optimum solution to upgrade and reshape older aircraft with modern-day technology. It has shown multiple benefits provided by this green and highly efficient piston

Electric vehicles are an increasingly common scene on roadways around the world. And it seems like that time is not far when we will use all-electric airplanes to touch the wild blue yonder. No, seriously! Many aerospace manufacturers are already planning to develop all-electric aircraft.

One such company is Diamond Aircraft. After conducting several kinds of research on the hybrid electric prototypes over years, the Austrian-based aircraft manufacturer is all set to develop the first fully-electric version of its popular four-seater airplane called eDA40.

The new aircraft will be a modified version of the Diamond’s existing DA40 airplane – a single-engine, four-seat, composite piston aircraft which has been in operation since the late 1990s. “The airplane – dubbed the eDA40  – will be targeted for flight training in school fleets,” said Diamond.

All Electric Airplane</p>
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As the supply of aviation fuel and other energy sources fails to sufficiently meet demands, many aerospace companies are facing an energy exigency. However, some aircraft manufacturers like Textron Aviation Inc. are working hard to find the best environment-friendly solutions for their piston aircraft.

The Wichita-based aircraft manufacturing corporation has recently announced that many of its piston-engine planes are now approved utilizing more environment-friendly aviation gasoline called Avgas. For those who don’t know, it is a specialized fuel used to power small airplanes like piston engine aircraft.

Unlike aviation gasoline – a compound mixture of hydrocarbons that vary extensively in their physical and chemical properties, the avgas properties are properly balanced to give reliable and safe engine performance over all-inclusive piston aircraft operating conditions. It eliminates the use of TEL in aviation gasoline.

Environment Friendly Cessna</p>
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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel once said, “education is the art of making man and woman ethical.” Seems like someone took his recite very seriously. Cirrus Aircraft has decided to expand its service business with a new flight training facility at Scottsdale Airport in Arizona, US.

The Minnesota-based aircraft manufacturing company will also start its new satellite innovation center in Chandler, Arizona, and McKinney, Texas. It will commence pilot training and full-service aircraft management starting next month.

According to our sources, Cirrus Aircraft first organized a countrywide search to pinpoint the most suitable locations for its newest facilities. They were looking for the best location for months and landed in Arizona and Texas after its final analysis. A wide range of customers and skilled talent pools were also reasons behind its judgment.

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Piper Aircraft never fail to shock the aviation industry. Whether it is about providing its customers with excellent service or support to maintain and safely operate an aircraft or releasing a brand-new Piper pilot plane, it absolutely knows what really needs to be done.

The leading manufacturer of general aviation aircraft in the United States recently announced an order for 20 Piper pilot 100i single-engine trainers from flyGATEWAY Aviation Institute. For those who don’t know, it is a Part 141 Pennsylvania and Delaware-based flight school that provides top-notch, custom-tailored flight training to its students.

According to our sources, the order was placed during EAA AirVenture 2021. flyGATEWAY is looking forward to taking delivery of the first 14 Piper pilots 100i aircraft in January 2022. The remaining 6 planes will be conveyed later the next year.

So you have made a decision of buying a piston aircraft and are searching for the best planes for sale? Piston aircraft are significantly more outstanding at their general power outputs and are modest both to acquire and handle. Since we have recently added more piston airplanes for sale on our site, we thought why not point out the best ones for you.

In this blog, Norfolk Aviation — one of the best aircraft dealers in the United States — will talk about the best piston aircraft that are worth buying in 2021. If buying an astonishing piston plane has been on your mind then here are some of the best piston aircraft for sale:

1950 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft for Sale

From the thousand lists of types and models of private aircraft, most people find it hard to pick the right one for them but worry no more as we tell you the top three aircraft first-time buyers must-have.

Third on the list is the 1950 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza. For the peeps who love the taste of vintage, this one is the best for you. Youtube vlogger John Smathers showcased his Beechcraft B35 Bonanza on his Youtube channel last year as he takes it into an evening flight. Youtube user John Homes commented, “What a sweet machine!” Beechcraft B35 Bonanza has a fuel tank capacity of 40 gallons and an engine one time of 210 SMOH.

Second on the list is the 1966 Piper Cherokee 180. A vintage fave out here. Another influencer, Youtube vlogger SamuelTheAviator featured Piper Cherokee 180 on his vlog last year, saying, “Landings are very easy with this. Takeoffs, very easy.” The

Styling has always been an essential part of expressing oneself. Aircraft paint designer Autumn Elizabeth highlighted how the exterior color palette of one’s private jet could set up the tone for the entire aircraft.

Aircraft Paint Shop - Professional Aircraft Painting - Paint My AircraftThe signature paint colors create a first impression on people and serve as a mark of the owner. Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Donald Trump are just some of the well-known personalities who had their private jets customized.

Taylor Swift, who owns a Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900, has the number 13 painted on her private jet as it is a symbol of her lucky number 13 and birthdate, December 13. Kylie Jenner also wowed fans with her pink-themed Global

The first helicopter to ever leave Earth has landed on Mars and is doing just fine. The Ingenuity Helicopter landed with Perseverance Rover on Thursday, February 18th after launching last summer on July 30th. The helicopter was strapped to the belly of the rover, while both machines re-charged mid-flight. Both machines are awake and communicating with controllers on Earth.

The Ingenuity Helicopter will be the first-ever to fly on another planet. It weighs only around 4 pounds and has limited capabilities. This first helicopter is a test flight to pave the way for future aircraft to travel to other planets.Norfolk Aviation Sales - Aviation Sales - Helicopter on Mars - Sell my Plane

Håvard Grip, Ingenuity’s chief pilot at NASA said that they are

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