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Applications are now open for Piper’s 2021 Apprenticeship Program, which will be the third class to begin in Vero Beach,
In 2019, a 1964 Cessna 150D was donated to the 534 Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association in Leesburg, Florida.
On March 21, 2020, the Indianapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center was running on lowered capacity due to some positive
A new and improved version of the  app, version 10.3 allows pilots to reference graphical airspace and obstacle NOTAMs while
Within the aircraft industry, it’s usually said that we will only see prototypes for the next decade. However, there has
While so many couples have had to postpone their weddings indefinitely due to COVID-19, Kayla Varcoe and David Berman found
A poor olive ridley sea turtle named Berni Stranders found himself a bit lost in Port Alberni, near Vancouver, Canada.
When it comes to aircraft technology, manufacturers have put a lot of research into electrical engines more than anything. Our
Air travel has come a long way during its short lifespan – and its second nature to us now. Anyone
Piper has teamed up with four new brand ambassadors based on their passion, versatility, and enthusiasm to share their training
A six-seat Cessna 337 twin-engine with an electric motor dubbed the Electric EEL took off from Camarillo Airport (KCMA) on
Like many industries, aviation is one that tends to be dominated by men. That’s why the new documentary “Fly Like
There’s been discussion as of late on the most effective methods of avoiding risk, which has been growing more and
Everyone is familiar with using GPS, or Global Positioning System. It’s all but completely replaced the use of traditional maps,
Sometimes, you have a hyperaware situation where despite your knowledge in something, you realize upon a single second of thought,
Have you been curious about autothrottles and what they do? To most, probably not since a few years ago, fully
The market has shifted drastically for aircraft displays over the past couple of years. Not too long ago, aircraft owners
Garmin released its Autonomi suite, namely including Autoland that is designed to help with a potentially dangerous situation in the
1955, or more specifically, June 12, 1955, was when Cessna’s most popular and best-selling aircraft, the Skyhawk 172, first took
For the past several weeks, most of us have only been seeing doom and gloom in the news. For those
Hearing a lot about COVID-19 and the pandemic and many other events can be tiring, especially because of the limitations
A new hybrid-electric aircraft from VoltAero just completed its first test flight on the way to certification. VoltAero plans to
International air travel has opened up the world to seeing new places and experiencing new things some people couldn’t have
AIM - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Maintenance - Aircraft Brokerage
Recently, we covered the opening of the Norfolk, Virginia campus of the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) to offer high
When you have a passion, sometimes it overtakes you. You find yourself doing something you never considered without much thought,
The Young Eagles reached 2.2 million flights with young people in January 2020. The Young Eagles began in 1992 by
2020 G6 SR Series - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Brokerage
While we’ve been expecting the newest launch of the 2020 G6 SR Series from Cirrus Aircraft, we didn’t expect their
Pilot Peter Teahen and co-pilot John Ockenfels aim to raise $1 million to eradicate polio around the world. From March
AIM - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Maintenance - Aircraft Brokerage
The Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) opened a brand-new facility in Norfolk, Virginia on March 17, 2020. The campus will
Cirrus SR-20 - Norfolk Aviation
  Hoosier Aviation has added two new single-engine piston aircraft this week that are now available for flight training and
Resulting from the state of the current economy, a group rears its ugly head in the aviation industry. We call
Norfolk Aviation - Piston Aircraft - John Stahr - Aircraft Painting
There’s nothing like putting your own style on the design of your aircraft. You have the aircraft of your dreams
Commercial Turboprop - Norfolk Aviation - Aviation News - Aircraft Brokerage
The entire aviation industry is researching new ways to be more environmentally friendly amid the need for climate change action.
Norfolk Aviation - Small Engine Piston Aircraft - Piston Aircraft - Aircraft Brokerage
Piston engine aircraft, also known as reciprocating engine aircraft, use cylinders and pistons to generate power instead of turbines. These
General Aviation Manufactures Association - Turboprop News
The latest quarterly report is in from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. One of the most notable details is that
In Vancouver, aviation history was made on December 10. Harbour Air flew the world’s first electric seaplane. An ode to
Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Brokerage - Electric Aircraft - Aviation News
Flights to and from islands are typically a very short distance and ideal to put the new Hybrid-electric aircraft to
The destruction left by Hurricane Dorian is tragic and almost impossible to fathom. In the Bahamas, hundreds are left without
Aviation is always growing and evolving with new technologies and trends. With public demand to find solutions to climate change,
Students from all over the country attended the Maine Aviation Career Education camp in July. The camp is for high
After you read our news about fully electric aircraft new questions may rise – how will the airports be able
Many of you may think that pilots nowadays don’t do much – they just lay back and autopilot does all
“Raid Across South Dakota” was a premier event curated by the South Dakota Air & Space Museum. The main goal
Piper Aircraft just introduced two new models of their training aircraft – the Piper Pilot 100 and the Piper Pilot
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association updated their app on April 1st and added an interesting feature to it –
If you want to purchase or sell an aircraft over the next year, this article is for you. This is
ACE (short for the Aerospace Center for Excellence) has just partnered up with Able Flight – a company that provides
Dayton Air Force Museum Foundation has partnered up with Histovery – a Paris, France-based augmented reality company, and opened a
Woman Fly - Seattle Museum Of Aviation - Aircraft News - Pre-owned Aircraft Norfolk
The Museum of Flight in Seattle launched its Women Fly program on March 21st this year. About 400 students attended
A Chinese company called EHang just launched their first autonomous aircraft. It happened during the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival, which took place
We have another interesting video to show to you! This time you will see 10 very unusual aircraft from all
How fast did you say that Tesla was? Oh, never mind, we’ve got something even better and its electric as
It’s very important to know aviation phraseology and communication if you want to pilot a plane at some point in
Air travel has always been one of the most exciting things in the world. It’s actually the fastest way to
Thousands of apps for pilots are available on AppStore and Google Play. Norfolk Aviation is here today to help you
We already talked about why drones may be dangerous far small aircraft, especially the ones flying close to runways (see
The saying is true, “Most sellers pass up the best offer (of the highest price and best terms).” Time and
Over 20% of drones pose a risk to a manned aircraft – says new study done by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Michael Goulian is the first pilot from the US that has won the Red Bull Air Race in Indianapolis. The
There are many new aircraft startups being launched across the US. Two of the startups we are going to talk
Airplane racing is a thing, don’t be surprised about it. Several airplanes flying side by side at hundreds of miles
Airplanes require a lot of attention, even if it’s a small plane. They are complicated machines that need to be
Lancair is introducing their new sleek, two-seat, composite kit airplane – the Barracuda, that is projected to cost around $200,000
You don’t usually see prices for pre-owned airplanes jump up 20% to 30% with no reason. The latest Skyhawks price
If you’re shopping for an aircraft, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across one or two with some form of
Do you know what the #1 thing smart buyers look for when they’re shopping around for a used aircraft? It
If you’ve been keeping up with news in the world of aviation, you know that Cirrus Aircraft is always trying
At Norfolk Aviation, we take pride in our expert team of pilots, marketers and aircraft sales agents. Our team makes
At Norfolk Aviation, we love helping our clients find the best deal on the highest quality Aircraft. That’s why, when
Selling your aircraft can sound like a daunting task, but one of the first things you need to cross off
Norfolk Aviation is known for providing the best and most professional service when it comes to buying or selling your
A small aircraft carrying two crew members and four passengers made an emergency landing in the city of Clagary, a
Buying a plane is a huge decision. To some it might even be daunting once they realize the amount of
When Trey Brewer and Shiloh Dudley took off from St. Augustine, Florida, Friday morning March 23, 2018, they knew they
You've heard of, a website where users can post online classifieds for unwanted items, help wanted, and even to
It's no secret that Norfolk Aviation provides the best and most professional service when it comes to buying or selling
Selling your aircraft can be difficult on your own. You have to deal with scheduling conflicts, jump through tons of
At a recent flight school conference, speakers claimed that flight schools need to adapt quickly to the culture of younger
So, you’re considering purchasing an aircraft of your own! Many buyers find that once they make the decision to purchase
People who love flying really love flying. When someone wants to be apart of the world of aviation… there is
There are two main aircraft maintenance inspections required for Part 91 aircraft: there’s your annual and 100 hour inspections. Whether
You’ve definitely mulled over the idea of owning a small aircraft; pretty much every pilot has. If you need more
Recently, Cessna unveiled a brand-new design for a small freighter and passenger aircraft, aptly names the SkyCourier. FedEx Express has
Recently, Cirrus officially introduced their new generation of SR-series piston singles — known as G6 — that add a long
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