Green Alternatives in Aviation

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Aviation is always growing and evolving with new technologies and trends. With public demand to find solutions to climate change, the impact of business aviation on CO2 emissions is being reevaluated. A balancing act is necessary between emission regulations and not sacrificing the revenue those who fly private plans bring to an area.

It’s inevitable that private aviation will continue to bring our world closer together. The solution to balance that with the reduction of carbon emissions and the detrimental effects of climate change is to find alternatives to the way we fly. Here are some alternatives in the mix.


Aviation biofuel is made from waste, algae, or plants and is sustainable to create. A benefit of these fuel types is that no modifications need to be made on existing aircraft. However, as of yet, a 100% pure biofuel hasn’t been created as they are typically blended with conventional fuel. Also, it’s much more expensive to create and purchase. The main question is whether we’d be able to produce enough to completely replace conventional fuel.

Electric and Hybrid Aircraft

According to many, electric aircraft is the future because of its drastic impact on lowering emissions and could also significantly reduce the cost of flying. Electric planes cause significantly less noise pollution and require less distance to take off and taxi. The issue lies in current battery power being unable to handle long flight trips safely. There are currently over 170 projects working on light, safe, and smaller fuel cells in order to overcome the current limitations, therefore it’s still a vital option.

Going Forward

Another question is how these green alternatives will impact the industry in all aspects of new technologies, manufacturing, production, and financial investment. Norfolk Aviation is here to help you through these changes in the industry because we’ve been through many changes. Are you interested in buying a small jet? Take a look at our inventory and give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions and be with you every step of the way.

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