Garmin Pilot v10.3 Adds a Variety of New Features

A new and improved version of the  app, version 10.3 allows pilots to reference graphical airspace and obstacle NOTAMs while conducting pre-flight planning, and greatly increases situational awareness while in flight. The profile view has also been upgraded, which gives faster access to weather, PIREPS, and more.

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Airspace NOTAMs can now be seen as an overlay on the map and can be displayed as a circle or other shape with the type and altitude of the NOTAM labeled depending on zoom level. NOTAMs planned to be active in the next 24 hours are displayed in a yellow color to assist in planning flight around restricted airspace. Active NOTAMs are color-coded in the following ways:

  • Red: Restricted and Danger NOTAMs, such as Prohibited Areas
  • Orange: Alert and Warning NOTAMs, including Military Operation Areas (MOA)
  • Gray: Flight Data Center (FDC) NOTAMS such as Instrument Approach Procedure changes
  • Purple: Other NOTAMs such as Parachute Jumping areas

Pilots can view these NOTAMs from the flight plan or the map page, and they can be viewed in both decoded and raw text. Pilots can also view them as a widget in split-screen mode.

The obstacle type of NOTAM uses a pink obstacle figure on the map to differentiate between them and permanent obstacles and they are displayed anytime the NOTAM or obstacle layer is enabled. Removed obstacles are displayed as a pink “X”.

The Flight Profile View screen has added a new quick access bar which allows pilots to view critical information like weather, PIREPs, and traffic from compatible Garmin ADS-B traffic sources with a touch. Pilots can now pinch to zoom to review parts of the flight segment by segment.

Version 10.3 of Garmin Pilot is available now for iOS devices, and Garmin Pilot is available as a free download for the first 30 days for new customers.

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