Forget Commercial Flights – Private Planes are the Way to Go

Air travel has come a long way during its short lifespan – and its second nature to us now. Anyone anywhere can pop into the airport and hitch a flight from NYC to DC in no time at all. But in order to do that, you have to wait in lines, you have to check your bags, you have to deal with delays, cramped seats, crying babies, and that guy who is sorry he’s talking so much but he just gets so nervous during takeoff.

Buy Cessna 172 - Sell Cessna 172 - Norfolk AviationWhat if you could take of from your driveway? What if you could pack all your stuff, load the family into the Cessna 172 and visit Grandma in Vermont for Christmas all without stepping foot in an airport? That beautiful future might not be so far away, let’s take a look at how things would change:

How It Feels:

  • Commercial: high-strung, stressed out and scrambling to make it on time after traffic from hell and the hunt for baby’s favorite pacifier.
  • Private: Just as relaxed as you are when you hop in the car, ready to get the show on the road – not rushing because you make the rules now, captain.

Checked Bags

  • Commercial: Hopefully not having to pay extra when you get to the weighing station – lugging the whole kit & kaboodle to the checkout line with nothing but a prayer that they’ll make it to their destination.
  • Private: Leave the engine running and pop back in the house to grab little Billy’s sleeping bag (can’t believe he forgot it again!).


  • Commercial: You need 12 forms of ID, a lengthy background check and a written letter from your mother stating that you are, in fact, her child.
  • Private: Just gotta have the key to the plane.


  • Commercial: Basically, strip down to your birthday suit, losing your coat, shoes, belt and dignity behind.
  • Private: Your wife questions your choice of neck-tie, so you have to take it off before you land so her mother doesn’t see it.

Boarding Rules Buy Cessna 172 - Sell Cessna 172 - Norfolk Aviation

  • Commercial: Currently boarding Zone A, “Wait, am I Zone A?” “No, we’re Zone B as in… will not B boarding anytime soon”.
  • Private: After everyone has finished eating and the dishes are done.

Flight Delays

  • Commercial: Layover in Chicago gets longer but you’re boarding at the same gate you arrived from – layover in Georgia gets shorter but you have to catch three 5 min tram rides in 2 minutes.
  • Private: Just have to move Billy’s tricycle out of the driveway.

Seating Options

  • Commercial: Doesn’t matter where you sit, it will never be enough room.
  • Private: Gorgeous, panoramic view of the whole sky.

Onboard Entertainment

  • Commercial: Old copies of Skymall & the Disney movie your kids have seen 300 times already.
  • Private: Flying a little to low over your neighbor’s outdoor dinner party – just call yourself Maverick!

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? We can help make this future a reality with our unmatched selection of pre-owned aircraft. Get in touch with us today, or browse our inventory to take one step toward a better, brighter, less stressful future for travel!

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