FlyGATEWAY Closes In On 20 Piper Pilot 100i Trainers

Piper Aircraft never fail to shock the aviation industry. Whether it is about providing its customers with excellent service or support to maintain and safely operate an aircraft or releasing a brand-new Piper pilot plane, it absolutely knows what really needs to be done.

The leading manufacturer of general aviation aircraft in the United States recently announced an order for 20 Piper pilot 100i single-engine trainers from flyGATEWAY Aviation Institute. For those who don’t know, it is a Part 141 Pennsylvania and Delaware-based flight school that provides top-notch, custom-tailored flight training to its students.

According to our sources, the order was placed during EAA AirVenture 2021. flyGATEWAY is looking forward to taking delivery of the first 14 Piper pilots 100i aircraft in January 2022. The remaining 6 planes will be conveyed later the next year.

Piper Pilot 100i Trainers - Norfolk VA - Aircraft for Sale - Planes for Sale

The brand-new Piper Pilots 100i aircraft will be spread across flyGATEWAY’s three regions — Wilmington, Allentown, and Blue Bell. As claimed by the Pennsylvania and Delaware-based flight school, these brand-new piper pilot planes will support its part 141 career pilot training program.

“We are extremely excited to work with one of the premier flight schools in the northeast,” said Hans Stancil — fleet sales director for the North America region at Piper Aircraft — in a media release. “Their commitment to providing exceptional flight training that is accessible and more affordable is very well aligned with Piper’s mission and commitment to the training industry.”

Applications open for Piper’s 2021 Apprenticeship Program.

Regis de Ramel — the board chairman for flyGateway — also commented on closing a deal of 20 Piper pilot 100i with Piper Aircraft. “The Piper Pilot 100i greatly increases our ability to deliver training efficiently and cost-effectively while working to cultivate an unmatched pilot pipeline for the airline industry.”

Talking about the Piper Pilot 100i, it is a new professional training aircraft designed particularly for flight schools. It offers rugged durability and functionality, just like its stable companion known as the Archer TX. The Piper Pilot 100i also provides a value proposition that translates into lower operating costs. To be more precise, it can result in lower-priced initial training courses.

Training Aircraft for Sale - Piper Pilot 100i Trainers - Norfolk VA - Aircraft for Sale - Planes for Sale

The Piper Pilot 100i is powered by the 180hp Lycoming IO-360-B4A which offers 128 ktas / 237 km/h max cruise speed and 522 nm range with a 45-minute reserve. The aircraft has a Garmin G3X Touch avionics suite, standard instrumentation, which offers all the benefits of a glass cockpit without the costs. It also has a GFC500 autopilot and a brand new GNX 375 GPS navigator.

Right now, the Piper Pilot 100i aircraft has a base price of $285,000. You can visit Piper Aircraft’s official website to learn not only about this airplane but also other business, personal, and trainer aircraft.

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