Express your Uniqueness and Taste by Painting Your Aircraft in Best Color Choices

Styling has always been an essential part of expressing oneself. Aircraft paint designer Autumn Elizabeth highlighted how the exterior color palette of one’s private jet could set up the tone for the entire aircraft.

Aircraft Paint Shop - Professional Aircraft Painting - Paint My AircraftThe signature paint colors create a first impression on people and serve as a mark of the owner. Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and Donald Trump are just some of the well-known personalities who had their private jets customized.

Taylor Swift, who owns a Dassault-Breguet Mystere¬†Falcon 900, has the number 13 painted on her private jet as it is a symbol of her lucky number 13 and birthdate, December 13. Kylie Jenner also wowed fans with her pink-themed Global 7500, where both the interior and exterior design bear the classy color of pink. On the other hand, former US President Donald Trump showcased his 1968 Boeing 727 with the family insignia and name “Trump” painted on its surface. It has been said that this private jet is one of the symbols of his wealth.

Customizing one’s own private aircraft is a way to show a unique personal style. However, have you ever wondered why most aircraft are painted white? First, the white color does not easily fade and is said to get better as it ages over time. Second, it is costly when you choose colored paint as the base of your private jet as extreme sun exposure on high altitudes during flights causes its color to fade, thus repainting is needed. Lastly, white-colored aircraft are the ones that are most visible in the night sky. With this, it makes the traveler feel more comfortable and safe.

Paint Scheme for Aircraft - Exterior Aircraft Paint - Local Aircraft PainterNevertheless, if you feel that simply white is boring, you can try pairing it with other colors as white certainly goes well with every other color. The most well-known pairing for white is blue, red, and black, as strong colors give off a vivid look on the surface.

With that being said, here at Norfolk Aviation, we offer aircraft painting services based on your style! Enjoy the wide variety of colors available and a high-quality finish. Contact us, and let’s get started!

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