Corporate Angel Network Brings Hope for Cancer Patients Amid COVID-19

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For the past several weeks, most of us have only been seeing doom and gloom in the news. For those of us in our home of Norfolk, Virginia, we’re under a stay-at-home order with news coverage notifying us with new information constantly. We’re seeing COVID-19 cases rise, healthcare and other essential worker at risk, and commentary about how we don’t know what’s going to happen.

Which is why we’re bringing you some good news. The Corporate Angel Network (CAN) is a charity organization who coordinates with empty seats on business aircraft to fly cancer patients two or from treatment. This is an essential and life-saving service that so many depend on.

As a result of COVID-19, business aircraft operations have declined a bit, but CAN is determined to help patients by soldiering on. Many patients were asked to defer treatment as it’s advised for those with compromised immune systems to stay indoors in an effort to limit their exposure to COVID-19. However, some patients are unable to delay life-staving treatment, which is where CAN comes in.

“Those who are requesting to fly with CAN are in urgent need, and we will continue to exhaust all options to serve them,” said CAN executive director Gina Russo.

Corporate Angel Network - Norfolk Aviation - Aviation News - Aircraft Brokerage

As of now, some operators have felt honored to help by dedicating flights for CAN patients. One in particular is three-year-old Giovana. She lives in California but receives treatment at the Rochester, Minnesota Mayo Clinic. A volunteer pilot flew her home despite operation lows.

“We are constantly reminded of the generosity of the business aviation community and thankful to have such great partners who make the CAN mission possible,” Russo said.

CAN encourages pilots to partner with them during this time to maintain hours or for those repositioning aircraft for maintenance. They remain in constant contact with hospitals and other cancer organizations to ensure the organization remains a vital resource for those who need it.

We hope hearing this story has brightened your day like it did ours. We love hearing about people and organizations coming together to help during this difficult time. To learn more about CAN, visit their website:

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