Cirrus Launches New Pilot Training Program: Cirrus Embark

Cirrus Embark Program - Buy a Used Cirrus Plane - Aircraft Brokers - Sell my Airplane If you’ve been keeping up with news in the world of aviation, you know that Cirrus Aircraft is always trying to take the safety of their aircraft owners – both new and pre-owned – to the next level. As of this summer, Cirrus Aircraft launched a program called Cirrus Embark. The only program of its kind offering up to three days of training to any owner of a Cirrus airplane, including used aircraft purchased through a broker or a private transaction!

This program is a brand of Cirrus Approach, which is a crucial part of every Cirrus that is produced. Cirrus Approach offers its pilots various engaging courses and classes, aimed at keeping pilots proficient. The extension Cirrus Embark addresses the specialty needs of pre-owned Cirrus buyers and provides complimentary, Cirrus specific transition training and standardized differences for every licensed pilot who purchases a pre-owned Cirrus airplane.

To some, this offer might sound “too good to be true” but since the launch of Cirrus Approach, studies show that Cirrus accident rates are among the lowest in the industry. Embark aims to help continually increase pilot safety. At Norfolk Aviation, we’re excited that our new clients will now have this opportunity with any purchase of a Cirrus Aircraft!

So, how does it work? When a buyer purchases a pre-owned Cirrus, they’re given a login to Cirrus Approach Learning Portal. This Aircraft Brokers - Buy a Used Plane - Sell my Plane - Cirrus Embark Program - Cirrus Approach Programincludes a complimentary 1-year membership to the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA), a copy of the Cirrus FOM and aircraft POH, a redemption code for the iFOM, and one-on-one Cirrus Transition Training with an authorized provider, tailored specifically to the pilot’s previous experience.

This is an exciting development in the world of Cirrus Aviation. At Norfolk Aviation, we’ve helped buyers find their perfect Cirrus aircraft countless times and we even have one available in our inventory now! With perks like the new Cirrus Embark program, now is the perfect time to find your ideal Cirrus aircraft. Contact us today to find out how we can get you in the cockpit of a beautiful, previously owned aircraft!

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