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As the supply of aviation fuel and other energy sources fails to sufficiently meet demands, many aerospace companies are facing an energy exigency. However, some aircraft manufacturers like Textron Aviation Inc. are working hard to find the best environment-friendly solutions for their piston aircraft.

The Wichita-based aircraft manufacturing corporation has recently announced that many of its piston-engine planes are now approved utilizing more environment-friendly aviation gasoline called Avgas. For those who don’t know, it is a specialized fuel used to power small airplanes like piston engine aircraft.

Unlike aviation gasoline – a compound mixture of hydrocarbons that vary extensively in their physical and chemical properties, the avgas properties are properly balanced to give reliable and safe engine performance over all-inclusive piston aircraft operating conditions. It eliminates the use of TEL in aviation gasoline.

Environment Friendly Cessna Fuels</p>
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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel once said, “education is the art of making man and woman ethical.” Seems like someone took his recite very seriously. Cirrus Aircraft has decided to expand its service business with a new flight training facility at Scottsdale Airport in Arizona, US.

The Minnesota-based aircraft manufacturing company will also start its new satellite innovation center in Chandler, Arizona, and McKinney, Texas. It will commence pilot training and full-service aircraft management starting next month.

According to our sources, Cirrus Aircraft first organized a countrywide search to pinpoint the most suitable locations for its newest facilities. They were looking for the best location for months and landed in Arizona and Texas after its final analysis. A wide range of customers and skilled talent pools were also reasons behind its judgment.

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Garmin released its Autonomi suite, namely including Autoland that is designed to help with a potentially dangerous situation in the sky and assist a pilot to a safer landing.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an automated aircraft landing. Previously, we wrote about a completely automated Diamond DA42 modified with a computer system that was able to fully function without the pilot having to touch the controls at all. You can read all about that here.

Garmin Autoland System - Garmin Automi - Aviation News - Aircraft News

What makes this new Garmin feature important is that it has the option to be retrofitted into an existing aircraft or built into the controls in manufacturing.

Research for this new technology began in 2011 with the

Sell Your Aircraft - Add Aircraft Listing - Aircraft Sellers Market - Aircraft for SaleIf you want to purchase or sell an aircraft over the next year, this article is for you. This is the year of the aircraft seller’s market – a time when usual market rules tend to change a little for both buyers and sellers. Finding a good aircraft at a reasonable price might’ve seemed like an easy job five or six years ago – these were the times of the buyers’ market, meaning there were plenty of airplanes available for sale, but there simply weren’t enough buyers. That’s why sellers had to drop their prices and offer better terms for buyers. Now, after the economy has almost fully recovered after

It’s no secret that Norfolk Aviation provides the best and most professional service when it comes to buying or selling used aircraft. But did you know that we also specialize in custom paint jobs? Our design & paint team is ready and waiting to give your aircraft a brand new look – or restore it’s paint job back to factory configuration. No matter what your paint preferences are, we’ll work with you from start to finish, increasing the value of your aircraft and making you proud to fly your plane! We did just that for the owner of this Piper Seneca, keep reading to see the incredible work done by our painting team.

When this Piper Seneca came to us, it was in rough shape. It flew like a brand new plane, but had the looks of an aircraft that is way past its years. The pain was chipping all over, removing any defense against

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