Buzzy The Drone – New Air Safety Animated Video From The FAA

We already talked about why drones may be dangerous far small aircraft, especially the ones flying close to runways (see our “Drones Are Aircraft’s New Threat” article). Last week FAA has uploaded an animated video to YouTube that had a similar point – help drone operators learn about air safety and be more responsible.

The FAA says that many times they hear sad stories about drones hitting trees, neighbors’ backyards, etc. “All too often, the drone flies away if you let it out of your sight. And upset neighbors may knock on your door if you fly over their backyard while they’re outside.” – say the FAA officials.

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A whimsical four-rotor drone called Buzzy is supposed to help you keep your drone away from neighbors, lakes, trees and restricted areas. The animated short video uses simple rhymes like “When Buzzy Goes Out for a Flight, the Number One Rule Is Keep Buzzy in Sight” to help the viewers learn about drone safety.

It looks like the FAA will continue making the animated video series about Buzzy The Drone. They even plan on creating social media pages for Buzzy on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. For now, the video was only uploaded to the FAA’s official channel on YouTube.

Watch the video:

Though, a lot of viewers on YouTube didn’t like the way the FAA tried to send this message – they called the video “cringe-worthy” and said that it “must be for the 7-year-old drone pilots”. Many think the video should be targeting the larger adult population of drone pilots who are typically flying the drones.

Anyway, we all know that drones can be safely operated if the proper safety precautions are taken and the pilot understand the rules of flying drones. Even if FAA’s attempt may have failed, they still have a lot of interesting material on their website about operating unmanned aircraft.

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Here is a page where you can find more information about drone safety tips for different types of drones:

Drones are more popular than ever now. If you are planning on buying a drone as a Holiday present for your kids or even the techy adult on your shopping list this season, be sure to read all the safety instructions before purchasing it and make sure the new pilot knows them, too. You must know your responsibilities when operating a drone.

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