Aircraft Seller’s Market 2019—Everything You Need To Know

Sell Your Aircraft - Add Aircraft Listing - Aircraft Sellers Market - Aircraft for SaleIf you want to purchase or sell an aircraft over the next year, this article is for you. This is the year of the aircraft seller’s market – a time when usual market rules tend to change a little for both buyers and sellers. Finding a good aircraft at a reasonable price might’ve seemed like an easy job five or six years ago – these were the times of the buyers’ market, meaning there were plenty of airplanes available for sale, but there simply weren’t enough buyers. That’s why sellers had to drop their prices and offer better terms for buyers. Now, after the economy has almost fully recovered after the 2008 crisis, we are entering the seller’s market. There is more money in the economy overall now, and expensive products don’t seem that expensive anymore. Therefore, sellers feel more comfortable now and offer higher prices and poorer service. They don’t have to worry about customers being unhappy because there are so many of them. If they didn’t sell an aircraft today, they will have even more chances to sell it tomorrow.

On the other hand, we understand that decent sellers have more problems as well. When there are so many customers who want to buy your aircraft, it’s hard to find one with good credibility and finances. Basically, it doesn’t matter who’s side you’re on these days – you simply need to be more careful during the acquisition process from start to finish.

Piston-engine Aircraft for Sale - Buy Small Plane Norfolk - Latest Aircraft NewsSo, how can you buy or sell an aircraft and be happy with the results? The answer is simple: you have to be 100% qualified in the aircraft selling industry and know all the ins and outs of the process. That’s where we come in – Norfolk Aviation has years of experience operating on the aircraft market. We’ve been in the game long enough to have our own strategy when purchasing aircraft for our clients in various market conditions. Here is what we always consider when helping with aircraft acquisition:

  • Aircraft Performance and Condition.
  • Aircraft Operating Costs.
  • Maintenance Exposure to Value Ratio.
  • The History of the Aircraft.
  • The Comfort of You and Your Passengers.
  • Your Budget.

Same with the selling process, the Norfolk Aviation team will:

  • Do a complete market analysis for the make and model of your aircraft.
  • Compile a complete list of your aircraft’s specifications including total times, propellers, engines, avionics and additional equipment.
  • Discuss your price point and create a strategic marketing plan.
  • View, analyze and compile maintenance records and aircraft history so that we can have a thorough understanding of the aircraft’s condition and the ability to market your aircraft accurately.
  • Coordinate with a professional photographer to stage your aircraft for photos.
  • Create professional quality advertisements and specification sheets in various mediums.

These are just few of the services that we offer to our clients. Our company’s main goal is to make sure that both sides of the transaction are fully satisfied and happy with the outcome. Learn more about our services for aircraft buyers and sellers. Contact us today and just like that – you won’t even believe how fast we will find you the perfect aircraft or help sell your existing one!

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