Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

Norfolk Aviation offers an extensive range of aircraft interior services.  If you are looking to replace your worn-out seats, carpet, or door panels we have you covered!  All the materials we use are FAA Burn Certified.  While our team can take on any size project, we put quality of work above all else.

Replacing the carpet in your aircraft not only looks great, it can also increase the value of your aircraft.  We offer a wide array of colors and styles that can match the factory installed carpet.

Not only can we make your interior of your aircraft look showroom new, but we can also help reduce cockpit noise with soundproofing.  Increase the comfort of your aircraft’s interior with our aircraft soundproofing solutions.

Ready to get started?  Norfolk Aviation offers free, no obligation quotes on refurbishing your aircraft interior.

Check Out Our Work

Our Interior Services:

  • Custom stitching of leather and high-quality fabrics.
  • Replacement of materials to factory original look or modern with many selections and patterns.
  • Seat foam shaping
  • Seat frame refurbishment
  • Carpet fitting
  • Wall panel fabrication and covering.
  • Super soundproofing throughout entire cabin.
  • Placards per manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Refinishing of interior aluminum surfaces-door jambs, thresholds, handles, levers,
  • Burn certification of materials installed
  • Log book entries
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