A Fly-In Wedding

While so many couples have had to postpone their weddings indefinitely due to COVID-19, Kayla Varcoe and David Berman found a way to make it work with a family tradition. On Saturday, October 10th, they held a small wedding at the Varcoe’s private hangar in Charlevoix, Michigan.

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Rather than being “walked down the aisle”, Kayla was flown down the aisle by her father Randall Varcoe in his Rockwell 114 Commander. Randall has been flying since 1978 and was the driving factor in Berman beginning to fly as well. Berman flew his parents into the ceremony in his Cessna 340A.

Wedding Plane - Buy Plane - Sell Plane - Norfolk Aviation

This was a clever use of aviation in a tough time, and we love to see people incorporating their love of flight into their everyday lives.

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