1964 Cessna 150 A Restored For EAA Youth Program

In 2019, a 1964 Cessna 150D was donated to the 534 Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association in Leesburg, Florida. It didn’t look like much, and most people thought it was at the end of its useful life. Rebuilding it stood to cost a lot of money that the chapter didn’t have. Luckily, the bones of the aircraft were still good.

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The structure of the aircraft was sound and had barely any corrosion, but it didn’t look so hot and needed some tightening up on cables and other smaller repairs. Unfortunately, it needed an entire engine overhaul and new avionics.

The chapter had to figure out how fund this expensive endeavor, as their treasury wasn’t going to cut it.

One member donated $5000 as a challenge grant, and other members quickly rose up and raised $11,000 to cover the cost of the engine overhaul. Once news of the restoration project spread around, donations of new and used avionics started coming in.

While the adult members of the chapter supervised, the young members in the chapter’s Youth Aviation Program called Squadron 534 removed the inspection covers and began work cleaning up the plane. They specifically also took the cockpit apart and looked for corrosion and any other signs of issue.

The goal of all this work? To make the plane useable for these youth to help mitigate the costs of learning how to fly.Buy Cessna 150D - Sell Cessna 150D - Paint Cessna 150D - Aircraft for Sale

Thankfully the chapter had multiple members with varied aircraft mechanic backgrounds and experience who were able to work on overhauling the engine. It took them nine months to evaluate the old engine to see what was still usable and determine what they needed and estimate the costs.

Eventually, by summer 2020 they were ready to begin assembling the Cessna’s powerplant.

They worked hard on it for weeks, cleaning and inspecting parts, gathering pieces for the new engine and putting everything together. Unfortunately, they’re missing two necessary and expensive pieces. Two Slick 4301 magnetos.

The chapter currently has two Slick 4371 magnetos which are not usable on this type of engine. They were professionally rebuilt this year and ready to use. Chapter 534 is hoping to trade the magnetos they have for the ones they need, or find the ones they need for a reasonable price.

It just goes to show the things that can happen when a community comes together!

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