It’s very important to know aviation phraseology and communication if you want to pilot a plane at some point in your life. We all know that pilots don’t just pop on their radio and say, “Hey guys, I’m about to land in Norfolk International Airport. You have any free spots?”. In fact, it’s much more complicated than that. Of course, pilot schools usually teach students all of the vocabulary, but it can take months to actually retain all of the necessary information.

But don’t worry! There are ways to get all your aviation communication skills much faster. You could listen to ATC (Air Traffic Control) online and learn how pilots and dispatchers talk in real life. There are even apps that let you listen to ATC talks online (see our recent article about the best apps for pilots).

Not long ago, two alumni from Purdue University found a new way to teach pilots how to [...]

Air travel has always been one of the most exciting things in the world. It’s actually the fastest way to travel! Planes can carry you from one city to another in minutes! While commercial planes and private jets are made for rather comfortable travel, small aircraft are typically built to enjoy the flying itself. Small aircraft manufacturers upgrade their flagman models every year to achieve even faster speed and to give you the best possible flying experience.

Homebuilt Aircraft - Local Listing - Used Planes For Sale - Pre-Owned Piston Aircraft

At the same time, we think that small aircraft are the most modifiable aircraft in the plane industry. People always find a way to upgrade their planes and push them to new [...]

Thousands of apps for pilots are available on AppStore and Google Play. Norfolk Aviation is here today to help you find the best ones you could use to make your life way easier. Here are our top 10 apps that are worth installing on your iPad or Android tablet:

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ForeFlight Mobile

This is definitely a must-have for every pilot. This app has all the pre-flight information you may want to know: moving maps, weather graphics, weight and balance, plan of the flight, terrain awareness and many other features. It’s already replaced portable GPS for many pilots, so if you want to have [...]

We already talked about why drones may be dangerous far small aircraft, especially the ones flying close to runways (see our “Drones Are Aircraft’s New Threat” article). Last week FAA has uploaded an animated video to YouTube that had a similar point – help drone operators learn about air safety and be more responsible.

The FAA says that many times they hear sad stories about drones hitting trees, neighbors’ backyards, etc. “All too often, the drone flies away if you let it out of your sight. And upset neighbors may knock on your door if you fly over their backyard while they’re outside.” – say the FAA officials.

Small Aricraft Sales - Aircraft Acquisition - Sell My Plane - Aircraft Broker - Buy a PlaneThe saying is true, “Most sellers pass up the best offer (of the highest price and best terms).” Time and time again, sellers often hold out for a certain dollar amount. Unfortunately, this means they end up settling for a much lower price AND shelling out thousands on aircraft upkeep costs like maintenance, hangar storage, insurance, and more! Often their estate ends up selling it later for pennies on the dollar.

How about a real-life example? Names have been changed to protect the aircraft owner’s privacy.

Jim put his aircraft on the market in May, asking $270, 000, because he believed it was worth [...]

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Over 20% of drones pose a risk to a manned aircraft – says new study done by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University researches. In the last four years there have been over 6,000 FAA recorded reports of near encounters between drones and manned aircraft. With high interest on the drone market, these encounters are very likely to increase in the next couple of years.

Here is FAA’s latest forecast:

  • The number of drones “in the air” will double from 1.1 million in 2017 to estimated 2.5 million by 2022.
  • The number of pilots that control drones is [...]

Pre-owned Small Aircraft – Buy Used Planes – Buy Small Plane – Small Aircraft Listing – Norfolk AviationMichael Goulian is the first pilot from the US that has won the Red Bull Air Race in Indianapolis. The event took place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the October 6-7.

Goulian have fought hard to win this race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Over 40,000 fans were watching the race. As race officials said, Michael Goulian was the fastest loser in the opening round, so no one actually thought that he’d be able to finish first in the last race.

Goulian’s two remaining rivals for the 2018 World Championship definitely had a bad time here in Indianapolis – Martin Sonka has [...]

There are many new aircraft startups being launched across the US. Two of the startups we are going to talk about are located in California: first one in San Francisco, second one is near Sacramento. Another startup is located more to the north, near Idaho. Young entrepreneurs are trying hard to shape the future of the industry. Norfolk Aviation is here to review all the latest models being created.

The experts think that we might have a light aircraft revolution in the next 5-10 years. The new generation of these kinds of planes are going to be groundbreaking light and small. There’s a lot of attention on the new models that are, as experts say, about to change the game.

Cobalt Valkyrie-X

Airplane racing is a thing, don’t be surprised about it. Several airplanes flying side by side at hundreds of miles per hour – it looks just like you imagine it: incredibly fast, very dangerous and breath-taking.

Two weeks ago, Norfolk, VA pilot Andy Findlay set a new record in a division – he was flying at 402.7 mph. “That’s the equivalent of 440 mph land speed,” – says Andy. He won his first Stihl National championship at the 55th annual National Aviation Heritage Invitational in Reno, NV.

Andy Findlay - Sell Piston Aircraft - Small Aircraft For Sale - Norfolk Pilots Referral Program


Andy’s life has been connected to racing for a long time. He started airplane racing about 6 years [...]

Small Aircraft For Sale - How To Take Care For Your Plane - Buy Small Aircraft - Norfolk Aviation SalesAirplanes require a lot of attention, even if it’s a small plane. They are complicated machines that need to be taken care of in order for them to work right. It’s also a financial investment you don’t want to lose. It’s also a safety issue – the better your aircraft’s condition, the safer it will be for you to fly it. Norfolk Aviation is here to help you understand what you should do to keep your plane in perfect condition as long as possible.

Keep it clean

Yes, it’s that simple (at first). Keeping your plane [...]

Lancair is introducing their new sleek, two-seat, composite kit airplane – the Barracuda, that is projected to cost around $200,000 and cruise at 200 knots.

“It’s based on the Lancair Legacy but it will have a one-piece wing that lowers both the weight of the airplane and the complexity of the build,” said Conrad Huffstutler, Lancair president. “It will have fixed tricycle landing gear, and the option of a retractable nose gear—just like the Mako.”

New Plane Was Introduces By Lancair – a $200,000 Barracuda - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft for Sale

Lancair’s four-seat, composite Mako is an experimental-category airplane with a unique nose gear that retracts and extends automatically with [...]

Pre-Owned Aircraft Is Getting More Expensive With High Interest On Cessna SkyhawksYou don’t usually see prices for pre-owned airplanes jump up 20% to 30% with no reason. The latest Skyhawks price increase can tell us a lot of new things about the industry in 2018.

The market went completely crazy this summer. Old Cessna Skyhawks surprisingly became a thing that everybody on the market wants to have. As expected, prices went up $10,000 to $50,000 for models made in 1960s and 1970s.

Experts vary in their thoughts about the reasons for a price jump that huge, but everybody agrees on one thing – market is changing very fast.

New programs that help bring old pilots back in business may be one of [...]

Aircraft Repairs - How to Buy a Plane - Sell my Plane - Aircraft Brokers

If you’re shopping for an aircraft, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across one or two with some form of damage. These can be as benign as accidentally pushing a plan into the back end of a hanger and causing minor rippling of the elevator skin to full-fledged gear up landings that resulted in a prop strike and other substantial damage to the other side of the aircraft.

Following the event that caused the damage, repairs usually begin. Of course, the shop you choose to repair this damage is extremely important. You have to examine their experience, whether or not they fixed this [...]

Do you know what the #1 thing smart buyers look for when they’re shopping around for a used aircraft?

Aircraft Brokers - Buy an Airplane - Sell my Used Aircraft - Norfolk Aviation Aircraft BrokerIt isn’t the upgrades and fancy avionics.

It isn’t over enthusiastic sales teams.

Surprisingly, it’s not even the lowest possible price!
The #1 thing that buyers are looking for when they are in the market for a used aircraft is honest and consistent communication. Aircraft buyers want straightforward answers and they want them quickly. Just like you wouldn’t purchase something from a company who won’t answer your questions about a product. If the buyer senses that the seller is glossing over important items, only provides positive information about [...]

Cirrus Embark Program - Buy a Used Cirrus Plane - Aircraft Brokers - Sell my Airplane If you’ve been keeping up with news in the world of aviation, you know that Cirrus Aircraft is always trying to take the safety of their aircraft owners – both new and pre-owned – to the next level. As of this summer, Cirrus Aircraft launched a program called Cirrus Embark. The only program of its kind offering up to three days of training to any owner of a Cirrus airplane, including used aircraft purchased through a broker or a private transaction!

This program is a brand of Cirrus Approach, which is a crucial part of every Cirrus that is produced. Cirrus Approach offers its [...]

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