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Norfolk Aviation - Piston Aircraft - John Stahr - Aircraft Painting

There’s nothing like putting your own style on the design of your aircraft. You have the aircraft of your dreams and now you get to add a piece of your personality to it for everyone to see. Well, we have some amazing customized aviation designs to show you from artist John Stahr’s flying art gallery.

The Experimental Aircraft Association knew from the moment they saw his work many years ago at Oshkosh that it needed to be seen by as many people as possible. For those who don’t know, Oshkosh is an annual gathering for aviation enthusiasts hosted by the EAA every year at the Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Stahr’s artwork is now a cornerstone of the event not only because of their detail, but the stories behind them. His father was an aeronautical engineer and Stahr credits him with fueling his interest in aviation as a child. Since 1978, he found a

Commercial Turboprop - Norfolk Aviation - Aviation News - Aircraft Brokerage

Commercial Turboprop - Norfolk Aviation - Aviation News - Aircraft Brokerage

The entire aviation industry is researching new ways to be more environmentally friendly amid the need for climate change action. One way an airline is reducing its CO2 is by using a new model of turboprop aircraft instead of a regional jet.

The Swedish airline Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) has a long history of firsts in environmentally friendly aviation. It was the first to earn an environmental certification to ISO 14001 standards back in 2009. The first to offer biofuel pre-booking flights in 2018. Also, the first to offset 110% of its greenhouse gas emissions in 2019. The airlines’ goal is to become fossil-free by 2030 and this latest edition could be a great

Norfolk Aviation - Small Engine Piston Aircraft - Piston Aircraft - Aircraft Brokerage

 Norfolk Aviation - Small Engine Piston Aircraft - Piston Aircraft - Aircraft Brokerage

Piston engine aircraft, also known as reciprocating engine aircraft, use cylinders and pistons to generate power instead of turbines.

These aircraft have the advantage of fuel efficiency. Mechanically, there is a very little gap between piston and cylinder. This allows for a high compression ratio, producing high heat and low fuel consumption. Over long flights, the engine increases fuel efficiency which owners are interested in. This interest is driving the market as owners are more invested in the reliability and simplicity of those engines compared to others. Piston engine aircraft are easier to maintain and very reliable.

A limit to this interest comes from the short life cycle of piston engines.


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General Aviation Manufactures Association - Turboprop News

General Aviation Manufactures Association - Turboprop News

The latest quarterly report is in from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. One of the most notable details is that piston aircraft deliveries increased by 15.2% from 2018. Education efforts are a big part of this trend including colleges and flight schools, as professional pilots aim to increase the number of pilots amid an industrywide shortage.

On the other hand, deliveries of rotorcraft and turboprop airplanes were slow in the first six months of 2019. However, the value of those deliveries increased by about 13% to $9 million.

According to GAMA President and SEO Pete Bunce, additional aircraft models are “expected to enter into service by the end of 2019” and the mixed results “should not obscure the outlook for a bright future for general aviation.”

Aircrafts suspected to enter the marketing

Electric Sea Plane - Aviation News - Norfolk Aviation

Electric Sea Plane - Aviation News - Norfolk Aviation - Turboprop News - Aircraft Broker

In Vancouver, aviation history was made on December 10. Harbour Air flew the world’s first electric seaplane. An ode to the commercial aviation industry that began with seaplanes.

Harbour Air CEO Greg McDougal converted their de Havilland DHC-2 model to electric as part of the company’s commitment to switching its entire fleet to electric-powered planes.

The company has a fleet of single-engine aircraft with a unique situation. After an initial investigation, the project of converting the entire fleet to electric was deemed practical because of their tight network and average flight range of 65 miles. The electric seaplane payload is around 60 miles. All

Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Brokerage - Electric Aircraft - Aviation News

Ampaire Electric Aircraft - Norfolk Aviation - Electric Aircraft - Aircraft Innovation - Commercial Maui AviationFlights to and from islands are typically a very short distance and ideal to put the new Hybrid-electric aircraft to the test. Ampaire, Inc, a startup based in Hawthorne, California, plans to redefine and demonstrate hybrid-electric planes by establishing a commercial route in Maui, the second-largest island of Hawaii. The route mirrors a current one served by Mokulelu Airlines as a 28-mile journey and will be around 15 minutes in each direction.

Ampaire will launch test flights between Kahului Airport in central Maui and Hana Airport on the east side of the island with the support of Elemental Excelerator, a nonprofit startup accelerator based in

Hurricane Dorian Relief - Cessna Sea Plane - Humanitarian Aid - Bahamas Hurricane AidThe destruction left by Hurricane Dorian is tragic and almost impossible to fathom. In the Bahamas, hundreds are left without food, water, or homes after tornadoes and flooding. Business aviation has a history of providing natural disaster relief to communities in need, and this time is no different.

Pilots in Florida gave their time, planes, and personnel to bring much-needed supplies directly to the Bahamas. The Sundowners Flying Club started preparing on September 2nd for the storm, gathering supplies to be loaded on to their planes, mainly tarps and generators along with food, water, and medical supplies.

They aren’t the only ones who were geared up to help. Tropic

Green Energy - Green Aviation News - Latest Aviation News - Norfolk Aviation - Bio Fuels - Electric Aircraft

Aviation is always growing and evolving with new technologies and trends. With public demand to find solutions to climate change, the impact of business aviation on CO2 emissions is being reevaluated. A balancing act is necessary between emission regulations and not sacrificing the revenue those who fly private plans bring to an area.

It’s inevitable that private aviation will continue to bring our world closer together. The solution to balance that with the reduction of carbon emissions and the detrimental effects of climate change is to find alternatives to the way we fly. Here are some alternatives in the mix.

Kids Aviation Camp - Aviation News - Buy an Aircraft - Sell an Aircraft

Students from all over the country attended the Maine Aviation Career Education camp in July. The camp is for high school students who want to learn about the different career paths that involve aviation. The students were out on Pushaw Lake with pilots from around the state learning how to fly a seaplane.

Maine ACE Camp is a unique educational, hands-on, nation-wide program co-sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration with outstanding support from the U.S. Military, State and local aviation businesses, general aviation, corporate aviation, seaplane pilot groups and hundreds of volunteers. These camps are designed for middle and high school students who have a strong

Jet News - Aircraft Charging Stations - Aircraft News - Norfolk AviationAfter you read our news about fully electric aircraft new questions may rise – how will the airports be able to provide “fuel” for all of the electric aircraft to be released to the market in the next decade? What is the best way to charge that type of aircraft? Compton, California-based Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) has an answer for you! They are indeed taking big leaps towards the technological process. TAM is located at the Compton-Woodley Airport and not so long ago the airport announced that they are installing charging stations for its electric trainers on the field and beyond.

TAM embraced the electric aircraft charging technology over two years ago and

Autonomous Plane Lands Itself - Aircraft Video - Latest Aircraft News - Norfolk AviationMany of you may think that pilots nowadays don’t do much – they just lay back and autopilot does all the work for them. We’ll that it’s not exactly right. Autopilot does a great job helping pilots navigate mid-flight, but when it comes to taking off and landing, the pilot does all the hard work. Autopilot helps with finding the runway and executing a smoother landing, but 90% of the job is still on the pilots. The modern sophisticated autopilot systems can land a plane without a pilot, but still, require manual control form the airport. Until now…

German researchers from the Tech University of Munich just

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