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A new hybrid-electric aircraft from VoltAero just completed its first test flight on the way to certification. VoltAero plans to have the new aircraft, Cassio, certified in three years and to be manufacturing 150 aircraft a year by 2025. While this plan seems a bit ahead of the game with just a prototype, we’re willing to check it out and watch the test flight video. Watch it for yourself!

VoltAero is an aviation startup based in Royan, France, and they’re looking to be one of the first companies to break into the new hybrid-electric market with its 4-9 seat hybrid aircraft. Jean Botti, former chief technology officer at Airbus, is the head of VoltAero and led the development of the E-Fan electric aircraft by Airbus.
“I am very pleased with the testing as we accumulate time aloft and open up the aircraft’s flight envelope,” said Botti. “The current test phase is with the

International air travel has opened up the world to seeing new places and experiencing new things some people couldn’t have imaged 100 years ago. Now we can just hop on a plane and go anywhere. Well, almost anywhere.

There are certain places where no aircraft can fly over for various reasons and many of these have been named no-fly zones. No-fly zones can be established a multitude of special reasons from religions to environmental to historical or even political. Let’s explore these places and why you’re unable to fly over them.

Disney Parks

Disney World - No-Fly Zones - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Brokerage

As picturesque as it would be to look out the window and see those magical castles from above, unfortunately, we’ll never get to.

One owner, clean history, low time, WAAS and ADSB upgraded!

AIM - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Maintenance - Aircraft Brokerage

AIM - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Maintenance - Aircraft Brokerage

Recently, we covered the opening of the Norfolk, Virginia campus of the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) to offer high school students courses and credit towards their degree and training.

In an effort to invite more students to experience careers in aviation, AIM waived its application fee on April 25, 2020 for Digital Decision Day. In proper social distancing guidelines, the virtual event was held to guide prospective students in choosing the perfect program and meeting with financial aid advisors to take the next step towards their career.

The career paths available for students to choose from include: Aviation Maintenance Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT), Aviation Maintenance Technician Avionics (AMTA), Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer

Here is your chance to own a meticulously restored Korean and Vietnam era War Bird! Reasonable to operate and ready for any airshow.

Aircraft subjected to extensive IRAN inspection beginning in 2014 and completed in 2016. All control surfaces removed, cleaned, inspected and reinstalled using new hardware.
Removed both original main wheel and brake assemblies and installed Cleveland Wheel and Brake kit 199-123. Removed rudder, vertical fin, both elevators and both horizontal stabilizers. Reinstalled all with new attach bolts per T.O. 1T-28A-4 parts manual. Left and right aileron removed, hinge bearings replaced, both ailerons reinstalled with new attach bolts per T.O. IT 28A-4 parts manual. Aircraft battery replaced with 2 Optima 34M batteries. AV-74 Transponder/DME antenna installed.

Strikingly attractive and pristine M350 loaded with comfort and safety features. Professionally flown and managed plus balance of Piper Factory Warranty.  Always hangared and no damage history. Looks even better in person!  Must see!

When you have a passion, sometimes it overtakes you. You find yourself doing something you never considered without much thought, but a feeling that you need to do it. Greg Hughes is a pilot whose passion project is giving back to his community through aviation.

Hughes first laid eyes on the once beautiful Cessna 150 in the San Marco, Texas, airport. Before he knew it, he was talking to the owner, Roland, about his plan of restoring the plane, starting a flying club, and give kids to young people as an introduction to aviation. Ronald’s’ response? “I’ll bring you the keys tomorrow.”

The plane was in rough shape to start with peeling paint and flat tires, but once Hughes got over the “What have I done?” moment, he got to work.

Three years later with the help of one online fundraising campaign called Lil Angels, the Lil Angels Flyers of Austin, Texas started in December.

HIghly modified and long range pressurized Centurion! N339DG is an exceptional P210N in excellent condition with very capable avionics. Sharp exterior and luxurious comfortable interior. Fly almost one thousand miles in pressurized comfort.

The Young Eagles reached 2.2 million flights with young people in January 2020.

The Young Eagles began in 1992 by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) as a program designed for kids to learn more about aviation, starting with their first free ride in an airplane. This program is the only one of its kind offering a free flight with the goal of inspiring young people to learn more and pursue a passion for aviation.  Young Eagles - EAA - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft News

“As we reach each of these milestones, it’s a further credit to the dedication of the EAA-member pilots and volunteers who have committed their time and aircraft to bringing young people into aviation,” said EAA CEO Jack Pelton. “The success of Young

2020 G6 SR Series - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Brokerage

While we’ve been expecting the newest launch of the 2020 G6 SR Series from Cirrus Aircraft, we didn’t expect their latest launch to be used outside the cockpit. Cirrus has launched an aircraft app to accompany the latest in the SR aircraft series.

2020 G6 SR Series - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Brokerage

This app is designed to let pilots check preflight information on the go. It will be listed on the App Store for iPhones only at the launch scheduled for this month. Pilots are the main target of the app, giving them the capability to check oxygen and fuel levels, oil temperature, aircraft flight hours and location, and even battery voltage.

“That success doesn’t stop our team from pursuing relentless innovation. The addition of the Cirrus

Pilot Peter Teahen and co-pilot John Ockenfels aim to raise $1 million to eradicate polio around the world. From March 24 to May 13, they are partnering with Rotary International to raise money and awareness about polio.

Rotary International - Norfolk Aviation - Private Aircraft Brokerage - Charity

The six-passenger Piper Lance II will take them an estimated 19,601 miles in 135 in-flight hours. There will be navigation and communication equipment onboard for people to track their progress online. Since the pilots are paying for the flight themselves, an estimated $60,000 to $70,000, with help from grants and equipment donations, 100% of the proceeds will go to Rotary International to eradicate polio.

As a founding partner of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Rotary International has contributed

AIM - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Maintenance - Aircraft Brokerage

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) opened a brand-new facility in Norfolk, Virginia on March 17, 2020. The campus will be a training school in partnership with Hampton Roads area public high schools for 11th and 12th graders to learn new skills and earn high school credits.

AIM - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft Maintenance - Aircraft Brokerage

Students at Hampton City Schools’ Academies and Norfolk Public Schools’ Career and Technical Education can earn up to 19 credit hours that are transferable to AIM career programs. The students will also earn FAA certifications in UAS piloting and general aviation. The partnership is designed to bring awareness to aviation careers, hands-on training, and pathways for students along with additional training for Hampton Academy teachers.

“Aviation Institute

Cirrus SR-20 - Norfolk Aviation


Cirrus SR-20 - Norfolk Aviation - Aircraft For Sale - Aircraft Maintenance

Hoosier Aviation has added two new single-engine piston aircraft this week that are now available for flight training and rental at Terre Haute Regional Airport. This combines with their Advanced Commercial Flight Training school offered for Indiana State University students at the airport.

“Anyone from the public can train with Hoosier Aviation, so you don’t need to be an ISU student,” said Katelyn Griffin, chief pilot at Hoosier Aviation.

The aircraft are 2015 Cirrus SR-20s with room for 4 passengers and 4-hour travel time. With individual overhead lighting, tinted windows, and cushioned seats, the comfort level is closer to a luxury car. The expansive windows also make any seat in the cabin an amazing view.

Currently flying, 2002 lbs useful load! G430W, ADSB, NDH, all logs, and extended range tanks. Optional approved Cargo Conversion. This airplane is a flying machine.

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